Those Lopsided Christmas Reviews i.e. UPS vs. F-word company

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by rushfan, Dec 3, 2003.

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    Yes keep your eyes open for those surveys UPS vs. F-word company, and what a lousy job we do. It happens every year. In fact, I'm very proud of our service. Despite some differences that we as employees have with one another, I feel we kick the competition in the _________. (fill in the blank).

    Happy peak my Brown Brothers and Sisters.
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    I just saw a new f-word commercial here in Florida. It touts the ability of their ground service to deliver packages to one's home at a specific, requested time! Anyone else out there see the commercial or know anything about this? That sounds more difficult (and time consuming) than delivering next day airs on time. I wonder what their "contract drivers" think about the new service.
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    Ah, is this the one where the guy is complaining to customer service that his package was delivered on time, and he was busy exfoliating? I saw it, too, funnily, in the same commercial break as a UPS Store Commercial.

    I don't remember seeing any surveys last year at peak, but I do know that before the contract went up, Fed was cold calling people, telling them we were risky for a strike and they should switch. Pbbt on them.

    Oh, and hello all. Newbie here, been a part time loader in Memphis for about two and a half years now. ::waves::
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    Did they say how much it would cost you to have a time specific delivery?
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    Saw that commercial. They have had this option since they started. And oh yeah it does come with a Premium price. If you go to their website they give you the charges for this, for getting a signature, etc. You can pay some really big bucks if you choose all the options.
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    I posted this on another thread.
    In our center we will work with a customer if they want their package after an attempt was made. I'll send a message to the center where I am our will be and generally the customer will meet me on area, or will call the package. I'm sure other drivers do this-and may I add without an extra charge.