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  1. Ok, I'm a long time lurker & Short-time Hub employee at UPS down in south florida and have been trying to keep up with the lingo here. I think it would be a good idea to make a thread to address all abbreviations you guys use here so that those like me who's not so hip lol can keep up when reading through posts.

    Example: LTIP, BC ("Brown Cafe" of course), DIAD, and all of the other abbreviations that i did not mention. I just think it would be a good sticky for those like me!
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    Long Term Incentive Plan

    Delivery Information Acquisition Device
  3. trplnkl

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    Give us a list and we'll explain them.
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    Excellent thread topic, MTHW!
    There's people here that can answer all those questions.
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    I agree 100%, I have been opening another window and goggling the acronyms when reading posts just to understand.
    Thanks for starting this thread MTHW.
    And Cheryl, I like the Idea of a BC dictionary with acronyms included. Thanks!!
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    Here's a link to a list of UPS Acronyms and Abbreviations on

    ~=Poke Me=~

    If the link doesn't work, log on to and type "acronyms" in the search box. It should be the 2nd result listed.

    P.S. Just wanted to add one of my own abbreviations.

    BCF = Bizzare Curb Feeler
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    Excellent link! It brings you to the login page, then right to the list.
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    A spell check program or something similar would be helpful, so some folks could look up some words like...there, their, they're, your, you're, where, we're, you know, things like that. I am not trying to put anyone down, I make the same mistakes. I doubt that it is feasible, but it would be cool and it's just a thought. It's guess it's just me, it's one of the things I'm a stickler about, spelling and grammar. I guess I'm "old school" as I'm not into using numbers for words and such... what r u up 2? That just drives me nuts:surprised::knockedout:.
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    I'm the same way. People make fun of me because I type the words out in my text messages. It's all my mother's fault :smart:
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    Most spell check programs will not check for grammatical or contextual errors. Perhaps you should just get over it as the message being conveyed is far more important than a misspelled word.

    Besides, if we started enforcing spelling, we would never hear from Rocketman (so maybe this would be a good thing!).
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    Thanks, Dizzee! It worked perfectly!!
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    I agree. I hate prolly = probably. I do however force myself to use it when I'm in a hurry. I proof read posts and if I'm not sure of the spelling, I will look it up.
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    If you click on the quote tab in someones post, the screen that comes up is the same as the Advanced Quote screen, and in this screen there is an ABC check button in the top right corner just above the smilies. I use it all the time as I'm dyslexic , hope this helps!:happy-very:
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  16. Pal?
  17. dilligaf

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    pal= preload assist label (i think, i'm new to this system)(pas that is)
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    To avoid brain farts.... I memorized the service cross written on a send again pkg as D.I.R.T...


    No, my name is not Joe, I don't have a mullet, and I don't live in a trailer park....:peaceful:....No offense to anybody who does..
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    Pal= perload assist label (as Dilli said)
    LP= loss prevention (hope you never have to learn anymore about that)
    PAS= preload assist system
    EDO= I Have no idea but EOD= end of day.