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    Two nights ago I was egregiously threatened with violence-as well as one of my co-workers. This bully has been harassing us for years-as Stewards we had to watch what we said in return because the company was always ready to take us out. Now I hear that I might be fired for the threats he made against me and my co-worker. He is lying and UPS generally does what they want. This is sooo insane. I was threatened with violence and said nothing in return and now I may be out. Any help? BTW; this guy is serious TDU and I have been a longtime Hoffa supporter... .
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    You are a Teamster steward and are being bullied??? That's a new one.

    Take him down to the hall and talk this over....
    If he won't go, have some of the Strike Force boys go to his house and have a talk with him.
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    Let me be the first to call BS.

    Though I could be wrong. Provide details please.
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    I have never seen a TDU person be violent, or try to be a bully. Usually quite the opposite.

    They might talk about their thoughts on how things should be, at length.... :wink2:

    Advice: as in life, the first person to call the cops is considered the victim. I would also like to hear more.

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    While no one should be bullied, and we are all teamster brothers, in some cases, self preservation is necessary. First things first, report the incident to local HR, document all witnesses and statements. If nothing is done, call the violence hotline and file a report with them.

    Once this is documented, if any further incidents happen, you are well documented and no action should be taken against you.

    As for the person doing the bullying, these guys dont last long, there is a reason the accronym is TDU... TOO DUMB to UNDERSTAND.

    The company HR and the corporate HR will sit him down and review the complaints along with an admonition to leave you alone. If that doesnt work, there is an alternative, contact louisville slugger, they may have the solution in a 36 solid wood.


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    No B.S. . This guy was mad because he feels he should run the show and we were just doing our jobs and not following his desires (he is a co-worker ) and has no right to play boss. We were doing our jobs and he threatened us-he blew his top. We all get :censored2: in that work enviroment but we have to suck it up and keep our mouths shut since zero tolerence. I am female and the other worker threatened is a male-we have very high seniority and would not jeopordize our pensions. I sware on everything I hold dear-we were just doing our jobs and this guy got mad because he couldn't call the shots. He made severe threats-witnessed. Now he is making :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: up-just sucks; we are the victims and will have to go throughtons of bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: and maybe lose our jobs. As for TDU-this guy is TDU and makes threats all the time.
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    Go to HR.
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    I have to agree with BigUnionGuy. I've never known a TDU person to be a thug. Usually it's the opposite. In fact, fire off an email to TDU headquarters giving this guy's name, location and job description. They definitely WILL NOT be happy to know that a guy who claims TDU backing is threatening fellow employees. One of TDU's strong suits is standing up to union bullies. They always have been. This guy sounds ignorant, and he definitely is not representing TDU's core interests.

    Make sure TDU knows about this.
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    Simple , you and the other bullied employee are witnesses for each other , thats all you need , your paranoid . Have your stories identical , dont admit anything , games over .
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    The only thing I could add to that, is try to resolve it with your Local BA {and Local's Principal Officer}....

    before involving the company. If that is not possible.... All bet's are off.

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    Document, Document, Document !!!