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  1. porsheracing

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    So i just completed 3 years 7/15/2013 as a pre-loader Im currently at 12.00 an hr. so does anybody know with the new contracts if I will be getting an additional .70 cent raise in August plus the 1.50 for starting at 9.50? I am pretty sure Ill be getting the .70 cent raise but I have been hearing that the employees that started at 9.50 get a 1.50 additional raise as well coming this August does anybody know?
  2. neartom

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    Read the paperwork that came with your ballot.
  3. porsheracing

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    I never got any paperwork.
  4. BMWSauber1991

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    You only get .70 cents, like the rest of us.
  5. quamba 638

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    It depends where you're located. The contract was extended for a lot of us, so depending on your local, you might not be getting any raise on August 1st.
  6. BMWSauber1991

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    Oh, and not in August either, since the supplements got shot down.
  7. quamba 638

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    Did you vote last month?
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    #1 - Don't cross post.
    #2 - The "search" feature will yield a kazillion threads on this topic.

    short answer:
    You'll be bumped to $13/hour (floor wage for a three-year preloader set by new progression) then follow the general wage increase after that.