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On our safety board is an accident happing somewhere in Wisconsin . It involved a glass truck that was t-boned and flipped. Anybody know anything about this?


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Sounds like the seat belt malfunctioned....

I'm sure you're right. But you know what that means?

No more driving with your doors open.

Has anyone noticed the stickers on the inside of the doors that say not to operate with doors open? Good God!! They might as well just throw a little barbeque sauce in there with you!

Even with the doors open, there is little 'real' ventilation. I've found that the only time you get a breeze is when you are about halfway around a corner. It's crossed my mind to stop there for a few minutes.

I'd claim the reflection off the glass blinded me. Seriously...hope everyone is doing well.


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Yup, big difference between open and closed though..

Used to drive UPS... now drive Express.
Doors are mandatory closed... and boy it gets hot in there..
although alot of the newer trucks get A/C


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Let's hope the driver was wearing his seatbelt. I had a driver once, no seat belt, and involved in an accident and thrown from the vechicle. And his package car was still rolling down a 4 lane road until it crashed into a guardrail.

Could have been a lot worse with someone else getting hurt or he could have gotten run over by his own package car.

Went to see him in the hospital and he asked that I let all the other drivers know to wear their seatbelts at all times. That was the PCM the next day.

He never did come back to work and was a great driver. Permanent disability at age 48


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I always drive with the driver's side door closed when I drive on the freeway, even if its 105 degrees that day. I'm not afraid what will happen in an accident. I'm concerned about debris hitting me or getting something in my eye. I leave the other door open, but keep mine shut.

Nothing like getting a piece of glass or sand in your eye when your doing 65 down the freeway?


Apparently my on car knew this driver. He is not doing well, and he didn't have his seatbelt on crossing 4 lanes of traffic. Experience driver w/ over 20 years.