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    I go in at 730am to help run some next day air early a.m. Pkg plus reg next day air pkgs. I get done around 1015am .....then they make me come back to work on my regular job which is local sort reload. Do i have to clock out of the diad and clock into the computer . Or can i just go on lunch till I have to be back for local sort ? This means I am clocking out of diad and then starting a new time card which they will merge together, but I am sure this is how it makes me not get over time because it is a deff shift ? What should I do ?

    I am working like 6 or 7 hours days and not getting over time
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    Double shifting in this area gets you OT after 8 hours. Check your supplement. You have to punch out of diad and punch in when you go in for Local sort, that's how it works here anyhow.
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    I don't have an answer for you, but some things I think you should discuss with your steward:
    You say your regular job is local sort/reload. Are you delivering air in the morning to cover for a part time air driver who is on vacation, or as an exception air driver?

    • If you're covering for a regular part time air driver, you should be entitled to a 3 hour guarantee.
    • If this as an exception air driver it would be hours worked only. The company and the union may disagree about this being exception air.
    • Article 40 says OT after 8 for air drivers.
    • It's likely this has come up in the past. What were the previous settlements, and were they precedent setting? The Union Business Agent should research local/regional/conference/National Air Committee decisions.
    • What do you want? It sounds like you are still in the air driver progression pay? Would you feel different if you were at top rate for PT air (I believe it's about $22.82/hr currently)? If you don't want the extra work, disqualify yourself from the air work (but understand the ramifications-for example you might not be allowed to bid on a part time air driver job for 1 year). Maybe the part time air and local sort jobs could be combined to create a combo. job-full time (8 hrs a day) or part time (3 hrs air + 3.5 hrs pkg handler=6.5 hrs a day) with a really long lunch break.
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    Article 40, the Air Operation, overrides similar language elsewhere in the Contract. Article 40 is a massive concessionary operation that allows UPS to, in effect, run a substandard operation within its regular operations. Normally a company would create a seperate, non-union, alter ego company to evade the work rules in its union company contract. But at UPS the Air Operation operates within the regular operation right under everyone's nose. UPS gets the benefits of "non-union" work rules; the Teamsters get to keep the members and, of course, their dues payments and initiation fees.

    Your Supplement might give you overtime after 5 hours, but Article 40 doesn't. To make matters worse, if you air-drive for any part of the day, you fall under Article 40's rule all day. So even if your over-five hours are on the Local Sort, you still aren't eligible for overtime because you "contaminated" yourself earlier when you drove air.
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    perfectly stated.
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    Thanks so much ! I just wanted to clear this up and make sure I was missing out on some money !
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    Very much like the 'Special Commodities Rider' undermined the Master Freight contract.
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    Your right, and it should be addressed in the next contract for you guys being taking advantage of.