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Alright maybe this is a stupid question and I'm sure I'll get some quips for it, but I'm a bit confused here.
I just realized there's a page on upsers to check your time card online, I'm looking at it and if I'm reading this correctly it's....not right.
I believe 18:58 would refer mean 6:58 PM unless UPS uses some time system I've never heard of it.
The weird thing about that is I've NEVER started that late ever.
I get a ride to work and I punch in at 6 PM every day. Sort used to start at 6:30 and has been starting at 6:20 for 2 weeks.
My end times are also wrong I think.
For example last night I left at around 11:20, they have me as clocking out at 11:47.
What's going on?


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Time card is measure in hundredths...
so 6:30 is 6.50

Now if you punched in at 6:20(18:20) that should be 6.33(roughly)
As for the accuracy, well that's up to you, looks like you were late a couple days... ;)