Time For A Music Thread, Summer Concerts

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by wkmac, Jun 17, 2008.

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    OK, I've been wanting to talk music so are any of you guys planning to go to any concerts this summer and who are you interested in.

    I was planned to go see Yes but they have canceled the tour sadly as Jon Anderson the singer is suffering from what doctors called a severe asthma attack. Word is, the condition is far more grave than that which is sad. I grew up with Yes in late 60's and on into the 70's so its a sad thing indeed. What would have been even neater about this show was the fact that Rick Wakeman because of health issue was not able to attend but his son Oliver was planned to be on the Hammond and Moog. This would have been a real treat for those of us who back in the day saw his dad perform.

    I am planning on going to see Return to Forever as they are reuniting the original lineup after all these years. My wife and daughters (I had to work) saw Al Demiola about 2 years ago and the show from them was awesome.

    If I can work out the details, I'd like to go see Rod Stewart perform with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. These days Rod performs a lot of blues/jazz tunes and he's damn good at it too IMO. That voice works perfect in the genre.

    For DS: Get ya butt over here boy but also since you and I both saw King Crimson back in the 70's with Trower of course, Fripp has reunited Crimson and they are currently in the studio recording a new CD. A mini tour on the NE US is planned so keep your eyes peeled. If they come southbound, I'm there.

    Speaking of Trower, If you like Bridge of Sighs (the song) check out Swedish Progressive Death Metal Band OPETH and their cover of the song on their latest CD Watershed. Just absolutely awesome IMHO and a real tribute and salute to the past.

    OK, Name your poison! And I hate that band. That "BS" ain't metal!

    BTW: Anybody want to talk metal, speak up and I'm there.

    And this thread is open to Any and all Music from rock, to jazz, to country to even gospel or Christian Contemporary. All genres have great music and musicians in them. And yes Moreluck, Bobby Darren is most welcome too!
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    Of course, I think Bobby Darin is the ultimate!!

    You mentioned gospel, which I happen to enjoy if it's the right stuff. It has to "give me goosebumps"....sorry, that's the only way I can describe it. One of the best gospel albums (yes, I said albums) was from Elvis Presley. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to that.

    Cleaning a shelf in the closet the other day and there was a cassette tape, unopened......The Village People, Live & Sleazy. It's a great tempo to walk on the treadmill with. This apparently was a back-up copy in case I wore the other one out. No danger now, I got rid of the treadmill.
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    For my 48th birthday my daughter gave me 2 tix to see Radiohead at the Hollywood bowl in August. I'll bet I'm gonna be be the oldest one there. :wink2:

    Tony would love to see one of those Led Zepplin reunion shows. If they ever do a show in southern CA I'm sure we'll have to find a way to get tickets.
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    I've never been to any concerts, but I listen to hip-hop/rap. Probably the only one on here that does...:biggrin:
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    Here, I dug out a few of my old concert ticket stubs. Wkmac may have been at one or two of these, the dates and prices are 1975-1981.

    The first one is Rod Stewart and Faces. Ron Wood played lead guitar and would later join the Rolling Stones. A little known band named Aerosmith was the opening act, they had a new album called "Toys In The Attic". They rocked big time. Guitarist Jeff Beck was the second act that night. This concert was 10/19/75, a week after I started working at UPS on the Midnight Sort. $6.00

    The second one is The Who, I love them. I have seen them three times. One of the greatest bands in concert. Pete Townsend is a great guitarist, did his leaps, windmills, and busted his guitar on the stage at the end. Toots and the Maytails, a reggae band, were booed off the stage. I went to work pretty messed up that night. $7.50

    The third one is "The Cockroaches", who were really The Rolling Stones. This was 1978, the year the album "Some Girls" came out. They played at small venues on this tour, the Fox Theater in Atlanta is an old movie theater that holds about 3400 people. I like the Stones over Led Zeppilin any day. Very good show. Patti Smith was the opener. $10.00

    The fourth one is "The Champagne Jam", at Georgia Tech's Grant Field. The Atlanta Rhythm Section was a headline, I can't remember the other four or five bands. Mother's Finest was probably there.

    The last one is Dan Fogelberg. Fantastic musician, his "Netherlands" is probably my favorite album of his. I later married the girl I took to this show. 1981, $11.00

    I have a bunch of other ticket stubs. Paul McCartney, The Allman Brothers, Eagles, Black Sabbath, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heap, Foghat. Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Springsteen, etc. I don't go to concerts anymore, unfortunately. My wife has different tastes in music. I did go to a show with my oldest son a couple of years ago, it was Green Day on their "American Idiot" Tour. I enjoyed them.
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    I like the hard rock myself.... my next planned concert is to see Disturbed in Atlanta coming in August.... was supposed to see Toby Keith tomorrow night in Charlotte but not gonna happen...

    Most recent concerts Ive seen were Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Hootie and the Blowfish, Shinedown, Staind, Godsmack (my favorite), Nickelback, Finger 11, Puddle of Mudd
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    Bob Dylan is suppossed to be coming to Canandaigua, NY this summer i really want to go see him. He is def my favorite.
  8. DS

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    wkmac...great idea for a thread...I'm going to see a reunited version of a Toronto band called nucleus,that eventually morphed into another band called a foot in cold water...remember a song called "make me do anything you want"? and scratch ...toots and the maytails?
    tourist,hootie and the blowfish does not fit in there,
    Cheryl,listen to radiohead "creep" and do ecstacy for the concert :)
    Dylan? can he still not sing?
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    Something you might relate too, I'm up early this morning and about to head out shortly to take a 4 string and 5 string bass to a guitar tech for setup. You still at it with your's?

    Being in Toronto area and if by chance you might be interested in early Genesis (Gabriel era) you gotta check out a band called The Musical Box http://themusicalbox.net/ . I'm a huge fan of the band (alltime favorite as a matter of fact) from that era having seen them in 74' (Selling England by the Pound) and 75' (The Lamb) and the Musical Box does exact recreations ofthose early shows down to the smallest detail. I took my wife to see them about 5 or 6 years ago and I had reservations about the whole coverband idea but walking into the venue I was stopped dead in my tracks as it was like walking back in time seeing that stage setup for the first time. The entire show was just pure time travel as the lead singer not only sounded like Gabriel but even between songs he told those same crazy stories and even had his mannerisms down to a tee. I was just blown away. It in fact was so good that after the show I told my wife that from here on out she can say that she saw Genesis, it was that good!

    King Crimson is doing a small tour up in the NE US after recording their new CD so I'm hoping Fripp takes it on the road.


    Yeah, I remember a lot of those shows you mentioned. If you like Richie Blackmore (I do) formerly of Deep Purple/Rainbow, checkout Blackmore's Night. Richie is into Renaissance music these days and his band of minstrels are just awesome but with a rock twist! Having found Jethro Tull in th late 60's via the albums Stand Up and Benefit (yeah before Aqualung) I enjoyed this influence on music along with Tull's obvious jazz connections. Best musical 3 weeks of my life were the fall of 1971' when I saw Tull (Aqualung) then The Who (Who's Next) and then last but not least Emerson Lake and Palmer (Pictures at an Exhibition and Trilogy). For those wondering if this Pictures is the same as Mussorgsky's 10 movement work, it is. I thought I had died and gone to music heaven! LOL! And I even saw all 3 shows completely straight too. :surprised: When the bands were really good with complex styles, I may smoke a little if even that. When I saw Genesis I wanted to be straight because I didn't wanna miss a thing so I did.

    Humble Pie? I wanted 30 Days in the Hole!
    :happy-very: 2 best live albums of all time were both recorded in the old Fillmore. Humble Pie and Allman Brothers! In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, it don't get no better than that!


    I saw 3 Days Grace with Nickleback on their last tour and then 3DG on their most recent tour and then the following night I saw Avenged Sevenfold. 3DG and Nickleback are OK but I do like Sevenfold. These guys are very good musicians and put a lot of interesting influences into their music. One song if you slow down the tempo, the drum pattern is a pure Samba beat. Samba beat to metal? Now that's cool!

    Having been there in the beginning with Sabbath, saw them 71' for Paranoid and 72' for Master of Reality and lots of "SWEET LEAF" :wink2: I'm interested in where the metal genre is at and is going. Sabbath in the day was out there on the edge, extreme if you will, so I like to see metal out on it's extremes which of course leads to black and death metal. Celtic Frost, Arch Enemy, Katatonia and Bloodbath for example but the one band that I realy like who are more Progressive Metal with Black and Death influences is the Swedish band Opeth. They do death growls but I say most of the vocals are clean. These guys also do some nice harmonies which is a twist in the extreme metal genre and include keyboards with a mellotron for nice haunting effect. A couple of cuts on their new CD Watershed use a Hammond Organ sound that reminds me of a Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep or Jon Lord of Deep Purple. It has that kind of vibe to it. If you like gut ripping metal but then in the same song a folk Jethro Tull feel and then a Pink Floyd Spacerock vibe, Opeth is not afraid at all to explore across the board.

    forget that ecstacy crap, some good smoke or better yet a good hit of Orange Sunshine! The only way to "Travel"! LMAO!!!!!!

    Maybe we should start a "drug" thread but I wonder how many of you got the balls to admit what ya did back in the day?

    something tells me there are a lot of Bubba's here who toked but claim they didn't enhale!

    LIAR! LIAR! Pants on fire!
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    I've only been to a few concerts in the late 80's early 90's: Lollapalooza 1, Guns n Roses, Van Halen, Black Crows, Nirvana (not really a concert, more like a gig in a record store), Soundgarden, The Cult, Lenny Kravitz, Tesla, Motley Crue, Skid Row. The last concert I went to was U2 in Cleveland in 1992.
  11. WhatPCM

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    No he is not the best singer. but his musica is still awesome.
  12. JustTired

    JustTired free at last.......


    Are you familiar with Arena? They're somewhat on the heavy side.

    Speaking of psychadelics........weren't we????..........how about the Flower Kings? Good stuff!!
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    wkmac, Thanks for jogging my memory about the 60's & 70's concerts! Jethro Tull was probably the best one ever, Humble Pie, Emerson Lake & Palmer, the Guess Who all put on great shows too. Edgar Winter, Deep Purple, the James Gang and Zepplin were outstanding too! I'm thinking about going to the Last Play at Shea with Billy Joel cause I guess I'm getting old.
  14. mattwtrs

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    The memory's really going cause I forgot that I did see Davey Jones (The Monkeys) last month at Epcot's Concert series.
  15. Channahon

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    I have Cha-cha slide, Jump on it and Soulja boy (my favorite) on my iPOD and I'm 57 years old.

    As far as concerts, here's my list, since the 60's to November of this year for Celine again

    Sonny and Cher
    Barbra Streisand
    Simon and Garfunkel
    Johnny Cash
    Rolling Stones - 3 times
    Led Zepplin
    Guess Who
    Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    Elton John/Billy Joel
    Billy Joel
    Neil Diamond
    New Kids on the Block - with my daughter and nieces
    Taylor Dayne
    Moody Blues
    Celine Dion
  16. tieguy

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    One of the things I find interesting is Johnny Cash working his way into that list. Many of us from the sixties and seventies were rock and rollers who also had a soft spot for JC.

    ...i hear that train a comin its comin around the bend...ain't seen no sunshine since I don't know when.....
  17. lost

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    I grew up listening to old country and no matter how hard i tried to get away from it old time country is still what I listen to. Took my dad to a Bill Anderson concert for fathers day.
  18. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    Martin,my best friend passed away last night as he slept in his case.
    We were at a party in the country and although I thought I put him in what I felt was a safe place,somebody drove over him, and I'm afraid my
    1987 martin shenandoa will sing no more.In lieu of flowers, donations to
    the buy DS a new guitar fund will be greatly appreciated.
    Although I'm making light of it,the truth is, the sentimental value of the
    guitar I bought 21 years ago far outweighs the monitary value of the
    $800 I paid for it way back when.I almost cried when I saw the body:sad-very:
  19. cheryl

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    I'm very sorry for your loss DS.

  20. wkmac

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    Yeah but what was it worth now in today's dollars? I got something to cheer you up. My 16 year old is a pretty good shredder and jazz player and about a month ago her Les Paul and ESP M-1000 needed setup so it was off to our guitar tech. The ESP has a Floyd Rose so we don't dare tackle that monster when it comes to setup. Our guitar tech does us right and knocks out the job while we wait which takes about an 1 1/2 hours. My 16 year old in that time plays nearly every guitar in the joint (not really but I rase her about it). Anyway she's over there playing when the guitar dept. manager walks up with this beautiful Jackson for her to play. It was a lite purple with rosewood neck/ebony fretboad and gold plated hardware including a Floyd Rose but it had what was called a Sustainiac on it.

    This thing would sustain literally forever and even sustain in the harmonic which was really a cool sound in itself. She was playing through a Line 6 Spider 3 but went over and plugged into a Marshall Triple lead stack and OH MY GOD! That thing was absolutely awesome. She could get all kinds of feedback sounds, she did several Dimebag sqeals and some divebombs that just sounded nasty wicked. She played Metallica's Master of Puppets and then Bach's Tocatta and Fuque which sounded just other worldly.

    She wailed on that thing and was just in heaven when Mike told her to turn the guitar over and look on the back. It belonged to Phil Collen, guitarist for Def Leppard and he used in on their last tour. On the back of the guitar is an engraved plate with the details of who and when. Saying our jaws dropped and hit the floor was an understatement to say the least.

    Jackson makes a Dinky DK2S model (I think) that has the sustainiac on it so sometime when you are out and about around Jackson guitars, if you see one just try it. Works great of Star Spangled Banner too!

    I guess it goes without saying that my daughter has a sustainiac in her near future. Good thing for me is that I bought the first guitar (the Les Paul) and all the others are on her nickle so she worked and saved to buy the ESP and now she wants a 3rd guitar with the sustainiac mode on it. She has a Seagull acoustic/electric which she really likes.

    Sorry about your Martin dude!

    BTW: Tuesday night Rush will be playing outside in an ampitheater about a 1/4 mile from work. I'll enjoy it for you as what are friends for!