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    How long does it Typically take to start making a decent living at UPS. I am starting a a PT Package Handler, and was wondering how long it would typically take to start picking up various driving shifts. Thanks for your help
  2. currently 13-20 years to become a full time driver.

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    Don't answer questions u don't know the answer to.

  4. True in my HUb.

    The first person on the list started in 1997. second person 2001. and still on the list.
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    SOME drivers make it in a few years,I heard of some centers that it may take you a decade!!Keep working hard and keep your nose clean..You will be o.k....Good luck
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    Helps to have a good full time job to go along with your PT job. Otherwise you are going to starve. Or live in your mom's basement rent free.
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    Define "make a decent living." In my facility, new hires will be looking at close to 10 years for a regular FT driving position. However, they can drive seasonally for 6-months out of the year, work Saturday air, or even be a cover driver (supplemental to the PT shift) within their first year of employment. Such gigs will earn them up to $30,000 -- sufficient to earn a "decent" living.
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    I agree $30 k for a PT job is decent money. Just don't go out and buy a new car or house thinking you will be guaranteed that every week or month. Lots of dry spells.
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    Then maybe they should move because lately we can't get drivers in fast enough. Our one center is so short on drivers that they borrow drivers from my center.

    And as brownslave said, don't answer questions you don't know the answer to. Your answer may be the case where you are, but you are not everywhere.
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    You are a liar I started in 2000 and have been driving since 2005 and if there is any truth to what you say then you better say what hub you are out of because i don't believe you
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    And time to make a decent living depends on your life and what you do with it , it could take you 5 years or 50 years
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    This is one of many first time post by "new" members that jazzhands/loyal teamster happens to be the first person to respond to. He is clearly bipolar with too much free time posting questions for himself to answer.

    This is a prime example of why new hires should not have to wait a year for healthcare. Dear god someone please get this kid some meds.
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    I hired in 2000 as a 17-year-old and had enough seniority to drive by 2003, but was not old enough. In the 10 years since, UPS has expanded my facility & shuttered several other ones, implemented PAS thereby improving driver productivity & received concessions from the union that enables them to expand the usage of PTers & seasonals to cover ground. Additionally, our local economy crashed & many of the young PTers I worked with grew up and realized they needed "real" jobs. The bottom line is that I'm still several years away from driving, if I choose to do it, despite being eligible in 2003.

    ​Very much a YMMV situation.
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    He says he is from Love California or Bonita California ... if he is being truthful (questionable) that means he works in the Chula Vista hub near San Diego.
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    For you guys taking so long to go driving are you only applying for a driving job at your hub or all of them close enough to drive to

    The hub I was in was a 8 year wait , but since I decided I could drive 20 miles farther I went driving in 5 years even a few years after I was driving I went back to that hub and there was PT guys I knew stil waiting to go driving in that hub
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    A quick Google search of his prior user name confirmed that he's from San Diego/Tijuana. They're kinda the same place, anyway.

    In my area, our hub has the shortest wait to go into FT driving, even though it has the most PTers. I work in my area's largest Preload/most routes, and it has the highest driver:PT ratio, but still a long wait.
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    Theres several scenarious you can go with. First thing i would ask is how old you are. You definitely dont want to start driving too young if you are planning or expecting to drive 30 years nowadays. Youll never make it to 30 years now with as hard as these fools have made the job. If you do by some miracle make 30 years your body will be so broken down itll be ridiculous. If you do start young like 21 to 25 open up a 401k and stuff as much money in it as possible and dont go crazy and have a big mortgage and big car payment. Live within your means. And most importantly dont have any kids lol. You can stash alot of money away and put in 20 years if you can and get out while you are still physically in 1 piece. You can go get another job til your eligible to collect your pension and you have alot of money in your 401k to help assist you in expenses til you collect your pension. Ok next step if you can and have the resources staying as a temp seasonal driver your whole career and having a side job such as working for a friend or a family business is definitely a way to go. This way you only have to deal with these idiots bs 6 months a year instead of the whole 12 months. Another benefit of staying as a temp seasonal is you drive during the warm months and only have to deal with maybe nov n dec as the cold months or bad weather also. Youll have to deal with xmas but you can make alot of cash during the peak. Alot of the veteran drivers will tell you how much bs you have to deal with when your fulltime it can be a real headache thats for sure. The job aint what it used to be. Im not sure as far as numbers go with your pension cause obviously its different if your full time versus part time with seasonal driving. Just thought id throw some ideas your way cause i know nobody else is going to throw the curve ball at ya like i just did lol
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    It's 6-8 years to drive full time at my hub. The HR guys tell new hires they can be driving in 18 months.....it's terrible.
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    All quality aside.
    Too damn long.
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    Did you figure out his name yet?

    ​It's out there.