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    I was wondering if there is a time limit to unload trailers. I was told that the short trailers are to be out in 40 minutes regardless of irregs, and QVC/HSN loads. I tell my unloader to work at a quick pace, but to work safe. I know that we have to get the packages out for the drivers, but at the expense of the unloader getting hurt?
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    You shouldnt have one person unloading. As far as injuries, this ccompany pisses on us every day. Do you think they give a rats ass if we get injured? Considering the ways they could prevent injuries and choose not to should be a felony. Scott Davis should get life.
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    Ya I've been saying this for a while now. They spaz out at me not using the safety chain (rightfully so), but then give me broken rollers that when pushed in dont stop the packages, which means the last half of the truck the boxes just fly off. Took a while to get use too but after a few paper boxes hitting your knees you learn. When I tell a supervisor nothing is done. Had a set of rollers like that in IL as well, when I went to the Union they didn't do anything about it either.
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    Although certain managers claim there's official, enforceable policies (ranging from as few as 35-minutes to 50-minutes), there aren't. Nor does the union recognize production, anyway. Piece count and load quality vary heavily among trailers. We receive trailers that are 100% bulk, and one hub will divide all the large, heavy packages into one trailer and smaller pieces (much of which could be containerized) into another. There's other factors affecting the time it takes us to unload: if there's too much bulk, an egress problem will occur in which production is halted; with more than two dozen active unload doors, a single belt will frequently get overloaded, thus slowing down production from the input, etc. I last worked the preload last winter (I'm full-time now, I bump onto the sort when I'm on extended layoff) -- between then and now management has begun heavily enforcing the use of load stands + the adjustment of the extendo. This further slows the process down (not by much but every minute counts).

    In the end, the company can only ask for a fair days work for a fair day's pay. It can discipline the unloaders for delay of load, but it's a heavy burden to prove -- much easier to move the "culprit" to loading (or elsewhere).

    BTW, I've toured many centers (CHSP participation) and since the widespread implantation of extendos (after the retirement of the drop-frames), it has not been common practice to double trailers up, unless an unloader would otherwise be idle.
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    The point of having 2 in the feeder is more of a safety issue. Over 70's, irregulars, it is too tempting for sups to push people to do more that they should if you have 1 in the feeder.
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    You can always file a safety grievance. The union and company can ignore it, but at least you will have a piece of paper proving you said something. If you get injured after that on the issue you raised, you can file with OSHA and sue the company.
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    If you need assistance handling bulk and there's nobody in the vicinity (e.g. somebody working in a facility without spa persons or sorters in the immediate area), and you're unable to work around the pieces to wait for help, then you ask your supervisor to find help for you. You cannot be disciplined for doing so. Sure, they'll probably harass you and likely end up attempting to help you themselves, but you're following company protocol (eight keys).

    But doubling pups doesn't make a lot of sense; an unloader should be able to complete the trailer typically in 35-60 minutes, depending on the load. Adding a second person will not cut those numbers in half. Thus, adding a second person makes sense only on difficult loads, when management's trying to get the sort down or when other unloaders are idle.
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    Simple answer NO
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    I disagree.