Time off for pinched nerve?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by john, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. john

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    hi I have worked at UPS for almost 3 years now and plan to drive. At around my first year I started having a tingling feeling in mid back. I think it is a disc creating a pinched nerve. It sort of happened over time so I dont know on what week or month it occured but I know what caused it! Anyways I will get Xrays in March but if I began the healing process how can I limit my duties or get unpaid time off to heal? I cant ever heal it if I go in everyday.

    The pain doesnt hurt it just annoys me and sometimes I get it more severe like when I sort.
  2. SlavetoUPS

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    You will have to file a claim with UPS if it was caused there, they can choose to accept or decline you. Did you report this to your supivisor when you first started having this discomfort. If I were you I would not sit on this because you are trying to be a good employee for UPS. If you do file a claim for workers comp consult a workers comp attorney first. OH and the longer you wait the the more chance of permenant damage to your nerve (not good). My take on workers comp with UPS it sucks I have lost everything I had in my life in time they will pay for it. Find out what your rights are in your state and good luck.
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    I also had/have lower back problems, numbness in feet and hips, etc. This is obviously due in part to working at UPS, . Fortunately, I was able to use my seniority to pick the slackest job, sorting smalls, and now I feel much better. I refuse to do the physical work anymore if there is someone with less seniority available to do it. Maybe you are in a position to do the same. DO NOT screw up your back for UPS, it is not worth it.
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    Slaves post is right on the money. Talk to your your supe and report what you feel. This is a common problem at UPS. Pinched nerves happen all the time. If you don't get it taken care of, which could mean light duty, time off or even surgery, you may be doing more harm to yourself.

    After you get this problem fixed, start a regular exercise program that includes stretching. Also, visit your local chiropractor from time to time. This could help prevent those issues that arise from such a physical job.
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    IF your not hurting a bit . then your not normal A pinched nerve I have a pinched body.
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    What do you think it is then? I wont know for sure until March. But on days off like today I hardly wont feel a thing but come Monday during and after work I'll feel it alright.
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    The dumbest thing you can do is rely on a message board for medical advice.

    Go to your doctor, do what he says.

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    I don't have the foggiest idea what your problem is, but I don't think I would wait till March to find out, I would try to find another Doctor to see. As many people do, I have passed off pinched nerves as not all that important and sometimes they aren't. However I have just learned that a pinched nerve can cause loss of muscle tone that can not be recovered. This can be a very serious matter even if it doesn't hurt all that bad right now. Different people have varying pain tolerances, those with a high threshold for pain can let something seeming minor go for a long period of time, but that can cause irreparable damage.
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    John not trying to sound like a broken record but the fact that you are still working with the pain is only harming your case. Trust me I know, UPS and Liberty Mutual will only do what they have to to put you back to work watch you're back at all times you never know who is watching. I have lost everything because of my injuries haven't been paid in over 6 months they have 1 doctor who says I can work I have a couple doctors that say I can't. Guess which one they are listening to. The funny thing is every doctor I have seen was provided by the UPS or Liberty Mutual.