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    Time for Wall Street's man-UPS CEO Scott Davis to go. The $250+ million UPS had to spend to not buy TNT.
    The poor communication effort for the Teamster-UPS-Freight Negotiations, by having the Teamster Union provide contract details, and
    answer questions. (Proper Contracts should have led to signed agreement)
    Management techniques put into place to raise productions numbers that are disguised harassment, leading to a growing negativity by
    hourly and management about the future.
    Now the FAA is checking into UPS Pilot training with this latest accident.
    Bad Leadership.
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    UPS could have Richard Trumka as CEO and the company still would not provide a play-by-play of contract negotiations. I'm pretty ignorant of how UPS corporate operates, but I'm sure contract negotiations fall under the Labor Relations/HR department and Davis isn't exactly sitting at the table for them. I have mixed feelings about how the IBT handled negotiations, but -- to be honest -- I prefer UPS not providing any details to our members about contract negotiations.

    The TNT deal fell through because the European Union blocked it under their anti-trust regulations, which are a lot more stringent there than it is in the US.

    The "management techniques" you mention have been in play before UPS went public and got substantially worse afterward. That ain't changing while UPS is a publicly traded company.

    I don't really see how you can list these reasons as ousting the CEO. It doesn't matter who the CEO of UPS is, I'd still probably hate him.

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    I feel Mr Davis is under-compensated for his position.
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    I feel Mr Davis is under positioned for his compensation.
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    ​I guess you haven't heard about the 3D printer test at that one UPS Store.
  6. Coldworld

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    So you can go in and ship a couple packges then make a few handguns on the 3D printer....pretty cool marketing right there..should do well in the south..just wait til you can print out an AK or ar15....ups store sales will skyrocketing
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    Mr. Davis's cost cutting & aggressive management-style has delivered record performances for UPS during the recession, despite a high-cost workforce (although yes, I know most drivers on here believe they're undercompensated). The reality is that per the market's, he's underpaid; he could've accepted a job elsewhere for substantially higher pay.

    Some of your comments are baffling. UPS needed to be assertive in buying TNT, given rumblings that FedEx would strike first. Unfortunately, European regulators blocked the merger, but $250M was peanuts. AT&T paid T-Mobile $4B after the DOJ blocked their merger. American Airlines also needed to be assertive but will likely pay US Airways $150M after the DOJ blocked that merger (rightfully so, given the surge in airfares after their compeitors merged).

    The the Airbus A300 accident? It happened less than a week ago -- just speculation at this point.

    - - -

    Gotta wonder: what costs more - the $250M break-up fee paid to TNT, or the accumulation of money of the course of a year that UPS Preload managers pay to FT drivers every day to load their package cars at the end of the day, chasing off $10/hour employees so the Preload managers can artificially inflate their production numbers?
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    This is the exact reason people are calling you the new Mr.upstate.....I honestly dont think you understand..
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    What don't I understand? Why people call me "the new Mr. upstate?" Honestly, I don't care. Nor did I care for some intentionally condescending remarks that were tossed in my direction (some postings that were referred to had to be moderated - note that I was not involved in that decision, nor did I see their original contents). We're adults, we should act like it & respect each others' thoughts and opinions even if we don't agree with them. The ultimate purpose of a message forum should be to grow & share our intellect.

    But I do understand how business works -- even if I may not like it -- and by every metric, Mr. Davis is over performing. I know that some drivers -- the same ones who whine about Walmart workers earning $8/hour (no benefits) being overpaid -- feel they should earn $250K/year, alongside completely no-cost benefits while enjoying tons of employee perks and needing to do half as much work as they do today -- the fact that I know better doesn't mean "I don't understand."
  10. Every time we have the employee opinion survey there is a section or at least a few questions about our thoughts on "change". How we accept change and adapt to changes dictate our success. Motivation and foreseeable incentives influence our decisions to accept change. The problem at UPS is that any of us who have been with the company for over 8-10 years were programed from the start to eat, sleep and live Brown. Scott Davis has been CEO for about 5 years. That is about the life expectance of a UPS CEO. Since Scott took office UPS has added members to the board of directors that are highly educated but come from varied non deliver backgrounds. Scott Davis has created a new culture in the corporate office. Instead of tried and true methods and procedures, we now base outcomes on theories and probability. That is why so many "new" services and concepts take years to implement, because the bugs have to me ironed out. Examples: PAS, ORION, Surepost, etc. Hopefully the next COE will be more willing to respect the old ways, reestablish the pride the company once had and use technology, innovation and theories to strengthen ideas instead of create them.
  11. Bagels

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    Everything being grieved about is what lead UPS into maintaining its status as a highly profitable, highly productive, highly successful company despite turbulent times & high labor costs. I know it's hard for the "old timers" to accept -- whether they're hourly or management -- but you're benefiting (financially) from the company's success and there's a line of "newbies" ready, willing and able to do your job. There's no turning back at this point.
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    ​ It doesn't feel like over performing when I look at my pay or benefits. I guess it's like Charlie Sheen's version of winning.
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    Yawn,where we going ?
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    Drivers aren't worth 250K/year but that's a pretty accurate real world salary for most of the executives in the world.

    There was a time when CEO pay was properly scaled. That time has come and gone many years ago. Americans have been brain washed to passively accept less compensation yet still be productive. What we have is an obedient and ignorant society that is just dumb enough to work for poverty wages. The smartest ones of the bunch are the ones that I can't stand the most -- the people who exploit entitlements and handouts. Why work to be in poverty when you can get that for free. I'm talking about the majority of American salaries here, not UPS drivers. A lot more jobs should be paying $30/hr but there isn't because your beloved corporations have no morals or scope of social responsibility.

    I guess the funniest part about all of this is the fact the owners/handlers are clever enough to trick people like yourself into believing into their B.S. Meanwhile you live your little upper-middle class lifestyle thinking that you have it great. Thus, forever protecting those who bestowed such a great life upon you until your demise. One of the greatest scams in the history of the world. I often wonder how history will look upon this stretch of corporate fascism in America.
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  15. Bagels

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    (I'm writing this as a generalization -- e.g. not targeting/referring to you or any other person.)

    How many comparable operational management positions to UPS offer similar pay & benefits, without requiring a graduate-level (let alone a four-year) degree? Virtually all employees, sans PTers in the early reigns of their careers, benefit financially from working here. And there's oodles of persons who are enjoying successful careers in operational management only because they're pieces of a puzzle in UPS's top-down centralized management system.

    I think it's sickening that we live in a society in which companies like Walmart pay 10-year, FT employees less than $10/hour - and price benefit co-premiums so high, few bite - while meanwhile executive compensation soars so that the CEO of Home Depot walked away with $200M after "leading" his company to failure. But people are ignorant, and that doesn't change status quo -- that if you want hgh-quality exec talent, you're going to have to pay for it. At least at UPS most of us are enjoying in the company's financial success. If the BOD had hired a lower cost, passive CEO, we wouldn't be looking at nearly $4 in raises & continued no-cost benefits over the next five years.
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    Are we there yet ?
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    I'm certain of two things:

    Number one, I couldn't do Scott Davis' job.

    Number two, Scott Davis could probably do my job (driver), but he wouldn't want to.

    The TNT affair was a setback, but a small one - if it had succeeded it would have been a nice move, but UPS isn't exactly short of cash, and this is what multinational companies do.

    Is it true that Davis is paid (on average) much less than comparable companies' CEO's?
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    This couldn't be farther from the truth. One is a bright young man. Bagels is a bright young man.
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    I think someone has a crush. :wink2:
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    Pride don't put food on the table.
    I've seen the changes and they are hard to accept but there is no going back to the Old United Parcel Service culture.
    It was old and antiquated even when we enjoyed it.

    Also, I disagree that UPS's ideas and services are created by technology. The ideas and innovation were developed and then the ones that could be supported by a technology were implemented. UPS has many processes including due diligence to ensure that technology does not drive new services or products ... it's the other way around.