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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by alwaysoverallowed, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Over the past few years I have bitched and moaned about the company and the work load, both here and at my center. But I was on vacation last week and I did some thinking. I would often times say to my on roads, center manager and other hourlies, "when you have a problem and you can't find the cause it is you that is the cause of your problem." While on vacation I realized I did too spent too much time complaining about the current state of our Company and my fellow Teamsters do I decided that when I came back I would take the lead and start mentoring the new drivers. The reason being is I have ten years in and at last eighteen to go and I'm going to have to count on these new guys to keep the company going after I'm gone. So in short instead of being Internet a-holes we should do more to mentor the newbies in our mold and not allow them to be number chasing robots which the what the Company wants them to be. Because the loader/driver/pt-sup you mentor could be your next On-road,center manager,orDm.
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    Noble thought and inspiring.

    Perhaps it will inspire certain members on Brown Cafe to nurture and mentor new members to carry the load once they retire.
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    Sounds good!

    What's your plan?

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    If he has any sense, ignore you. :wink2:
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    Or box him up and ship him out!!Hopefully ship him out FedEx ground...............so he gets lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!.LOL
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    that's taking a lemon and making lemonade. good for you.
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    Well when I came back to work I gave the two new drivers, who are coving routes I know, my number and said call me first. I know I'm going to get flak here for doing that but my management team doesn't have any recent knowledge on the routes and that's how I sold it to the newbies too because heir more likely to call another hourly for advice before they called a sup. I also told them he hardest part of this job besides hustling like you've never done before is avoiding the temptation to cut corners to get done early or to appease management.
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    You can "mentor" a driver all you like,but the truth is,if they don't like you you're toast.
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    Speaking of mentoring, Loyal Teamster could learn a thing or two from Integrity on quality trolling.
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    All I do is mentor these guys. I'm on the phone 3 hours daily. When I'm on vacation my phone blows up. The problem is the ones (25%) who want to listen will and the ones (75%) who don't make so much work for me that is just plain stupid. I applaud anyone who tries to take someone under here wing. Two stewards did this for me right when I started and its the reason I'm a steward right now. God bless.
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    I was asked to mentor alot my last 5 years or so. I used to have a meeting every day with all the peak drivers during Nov. and Dec. I also did alot
    of one on one training with young drivers throughout the year. Some guys didn't like it. Thought I was kissing ass. But the young guys I worked
    with were truly grateful. Said they learned more from me in a day than 3 days with some on-road. The center manager who asked me to start doing this was also very
    appreciative. You know what that center manager's first job was at UPS? They were my loader.
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    Most don't see this side of being a steward. You are always on call. I went in on a vacation to deal with a theft case. The employee requested me. I was available and went in. Your the first one in the building in the morning and last one out the door after dispatch. Not only do we mentor employees, but we mentor management too.......HARD!
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    Nothing personal but the mentoring process has clearly failed the moment that they call their shop steward.
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    This is absolutely true. I was blessed to have a former steward and two current full time stewards show me the ropes, all of them are exemplary guys and I try and do the same for the younger guys coming up.