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    How is Ed designer are the routes set up " go down one street up the next" any tricks or tips if you don't know the area. I'm in new York Brooklyn and I'm going to driving school soon thanks upsers
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    EDD is supposed to be a guide to let you know what stops you have, you air commitments and pick up's. If you follow the order the EDD addresses are in you'll be driving all over the place and wasting a lot of time.
  3. UPSGUY72

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    On some routes you can follow the EDD on others you can't. It all depends on how the dispatch person and the driver set the route up if they ever did.
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    Try reading the other current thread on tips for new drivers.
  5. Floyd Gondolli

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    MAPS. learn them. laminate them. high to low. low to high. number breaks. odd even. north south east west
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    It doesn't work too well in the city because we have so much commercial, you have to break off before 5 for commercial stops. NDA saver by 3PM.

    Honestly it's more of mess.

    He's right, use maps and learn how to read them. Don't use the ones on your phone, and GPS won't work too well either. You need to be able to see the whole area, with a paper map you can actually learn the neighborhood.