TNT NV 'Deal' Could Trigger Antitrust Review For UPS

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    TNT NV 'Deal' Could Trigger Antitrust Review For UPS - CNN Money

    United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) would likely face antitrust scrutiny on both sides of the Atlantic if its reported interest in Dutch rival TNT NV turns into a fully-fledged deal.

    TNT shares rose on weekend media reports of renewed interest from UPS which, like smaller U.S. rival FedEx Corp. (FDX), has courted the logistics and mail specialist several times in recent years.
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    Well done CNN! You've seen the EU banana skin laying in wait for a UPS takeover of TNT too. So let's just see what's ranged against UPS at the moment: (1) Potential House Committee 'nix' of the UPS-DHL operating agreement because it's too cartel-like; (2) an upset Deutsche Post quietly leaning on the EU Commission to 'nix' the UPS acquisition of TNT; (3) a rational EU argument that UPS would be buying too big a market share, putting it into a monopoly position with unfair (anti-competitive) advantage; (4) UPS potentially swallowing up an indigestible TNT culture that could make Brown go a sickly orange for a period of time; (5) a Dutch government that will scrutinize any takeover of TNT to make sure its postal side of the business (still with a UPU public service obligation) is treated well if it is to be offloaded/sold-on (so simply complicating matters further).

    Hmmm, UPS would do well to forget the analysts' single-minded focus on value and synergies and all the other BS they come up with, and look further and deeper into what a TNT takeover might entail.

    I read someone's post yesterday which said 'conquering continent by continent' but FDX probably said this before they found Europeans too fractious and fragmented with strange national cultures. FDX made an ignominous withdrawal in 1992. "Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it" (Santayana's insightful quote? certainly not mine, unfortunately )