to double shift or take unemployment?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Box_Junkie, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Box_Junkie

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    Hello all, I'm a new driver its my first year. I drove all last summer and through peak, now its very light and I'm on call, possibly until summer again. The driver above me is barely working and the 3 below me deffinetly aren't. So that being said I can go back to the preload/reload split shift and get my 40, just work one shift or collect unemployment.
    My questions are:
    1. Do I get paid my driver rate for working the sort?
    2. How much would my unempoyment pay be, and what would it be based on?
    My wife is a student with PM classes and my son is 9 months old and my mom can't watch him every night until 11pm when I get out.
    And finally:
    3. Anybody been in this situation? What did you do or do you reccomend?

    BTW, Our centers preload is 4AM-8:30, then I'd work reload 5PM-10PM. Small center only 2 shifts.
  2. yeldarb

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    Personally, I feel someone collecting unemployment who is completely able to work physically, is dishonest, a freeloader, and trashy. If your son is nine months old, you were in the situation before, so what made it work then, that doesnt allow it to work now?
  3. trickpony1

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    yeldarb- when you reach retirement age I'm sure you will refuse your social security checks because, after all, you're still able to flip hamburgers?

    box junkie-
    If you can get unemployment, take it. If you don't get it someone else will. Despite what some people think, the unemployment process is in place for a reason. The company may try to fight you on it.
  4. 25yrvet

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    I agree with ya yeldarb. What would happen if the State or ups found out he was getting unemployment when there was work available? I'd hate to have to answer for that!
    I'd like to compliment Box Junkie in that his spouse is getting her education/training. THAT'S THE BEST INSURANCE A SPOUSE CAN HAVE !!
  5. ogrelord

    ogrelord Ground Down

    i know you get your driver pay when you work the preload or reload. Is there a combo job you can do? i know many drivers in my center won't pick up the phone if it's ups, and just show up for work. when they say "we tried to contact you cause we didn't need you today." they file to get the 8 hours.
  6. monkeynuts

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    If you are still in progression which I guess you are (one year) then you get paid at your current rate. You can only bump back into the building if you have seniority over a part timer. Ask if the supervisor will work with you on the hours to get you out at night if that will help with the child care. You might not get 40 hours but at least you will get something. I am in that very position and will have to bite the bullet if I plan to stay. They all say time will cure this pain. Hope they are right.
    If you work say 20 hours a week you are wasting time with the unemployment. If you need it go for it. That's what it is for and we are paying for it. They can say the same thing about social security but if you need it take it. Thats just my humble opinion. Good Luck.
  7. monkeynuts

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    box junkie-
    If you can get unemployment, take it. If you don't get it someone else will. Despite what some people think, the unemployment process is in place for a reason. The company may try to fight you on it.[/quote]

    UPS will fight you on this. It took me two months just to get partial unemployment. First they lost the paper work then they sent it to the wrong person then no one would return my phone calls trying to find out who handled this then one day the local sup took care of it after saying they could not do it in the begining. All for $186. But that paid the light bill!! MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING...
  8. ozzey

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    You might want to check if ups continues to pay towards pension and health if you are on unemployment. I was paid at rate of part timer , when i took that avenue. I did not like working two shifts.It was not worth the money to me. I worked one shift and was happy. Later i realized if i worked on call I would have made more money. YOU have to work a certain amount of hours per year for pension credit,
  9. HazMatMan

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    What about construction workers who can't work in the winter or electricians who are on a furlough?? don't they collect unemployment.. I think you are getting unemployment and collecting welfare confused. A person who is completely capable of working but is collecting welfare might fit your negative descriptions better....Just my opinion....
  10. porkwagon

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    I agree with yeldarb. If work is available to you, then collecting unemployment is dishonest.
  11. yeldarb

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    trickpony, tell me your not that much of a ding dong in person. Retirement is something different. Hopefully your not that naive to see no difference. There is a difference between contributing money for retirement and getting the return later, than collecting unemployment just because there might be a loophole somewhere. If that is how you live, good for you. Hope your happy.
  12. Box_Junkie

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    I have more than enough seniority on the part timers on both shifts, so bumping is not a problem. I already talked to the full time Sup., and he agreed with me on the contracts wording on unemployment, but that doesn't mean that UPS would just let it fly. But, as earlier stated the money they pay out is not worth the hassle, I cant live on $200/week! I have decided that it would be best to work the preload everyday and work out a schedule with my wife and UPS for working the reload. And yeldarb: I wasn't in this situation before. I would del. a route then pick my son up from the babysitter when I got out, with double-shifting I'd get off the reload alot later.... All my wifes classes run until atleast 9PM, with Fri. being her only day off. I guess I'll do what I have to do even if I only get 30 hrs. its more money than unemployment. Read the supplemental agreement yeldarb, it says unemployment is an option if you choose not to displace a p/t employee. I just think my best bet is to work all the hours possible that fit our schedule at home, I hear unemployment is a pain in the :censored2:.
  13. satellitedriver

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    unemployment would be a good place for you 1Trick.