To mention or not to mention a sealed criminal background on the UPS application?

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    In 2004, I'd gotten myself into a world of trouble and ended up going to jail overnight for many charges stemming from a "theft." The theft charge was immediately dropped and so were all of the charges that resulted of it, although, the charges and my wonderful mugshot remained in all public databases. Thus began the hard life of getting a job.

    In 2005, I'd applied for a position as a seasonal/PT package handler. It was busy season(Christmastime) and the interview, warehouse walk through, picture taking, badge creation and everything was done in that one sitting. I'd began working almost immediately. The jobs was seasonal and I was not hired on as a result. I do feel that I was reluctant to get the job(in regards to my recent arrest record) maybe in part to them ?NOT? even doing a background check on me in the first place.

    In 2008, I'd gotten my entire criminal record sealed being that I was not convicted of any of the crimes and that my state(FL) deemed me eligible.

    In 2010, I'd reapplied to UPS online. I had to go through a process online to see if I was eligible for rehire. Fortunately, I was told that I WAS eligible and was prompted to fill out another application/profile.

    Now, in 2011, I've applied for another (NON-seasonal) PT package handler position. I have an interview within the next week. On the application, it asks the normal criminal background info(I don't remember exactly what)...but it specifically states that "sealed or expunged records are not required to be listed."
    Therefore, I did not list my criminal history as it is completely sealed. My concern at this point is, even though it is sealed, should I have mentioned it? I ask this because it seems as if they have a 3rd party vendor that does their background checks.

    In my experience over the years and dealing with applications and my background etc. Any potential "benefit" of my record being sealed only applies if the companies do a background check through PUBLIC/local court/state database because they are REQUIRED by law to conceal/deny any background record. On the other hand, PRIVATE background check vendors are NOT required to erase any info that they have handy. Private vendors seem to have on file ALL info from the day it hit the courthouse regardless of being sealed later on down the line. Do any of you know who/how/what/when/where lol and any details of the background check that the UPS does?

    In you guys' opinions, should I mention the record? If they are going to see it no matter what, I'd rather state it on the application. Sometimes, just not being honest can be a reason for being denied a job. On the other hand, if they "follow up" on the reasoning for them saying "sealed/expunged records are not required to be listed" then I should be okay.

    I'm a worry wart. Any feedback?? I'm sorry that this thread is so long. Thanks for reading and any responses received.
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    If the application specifically says no need to disclose, I wouldn't disclose.
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    working in criminal justice at my full time i can tell you that if you have never been convicted of anything then you don't have to tell anything. what deos not make sense to me is that criminal records are only "sealed" if you are a juvenile (this is in the state of Va. not Fl.) or if you pay good money and show just cause to the state as to why your record should not available to company's or to the public. in most states if you have not been convicted of anything then it is up to the state to process and destory all records. please explain how Fl sealed your record if you were not convicted. not trying to find fault in what you are saying. how can they find you fit the profile of someone who meetings req. to have your record sealed if you were not convicted.
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    My guess, and that's all that it is, is that if it's truely sealed they won't go out of their way to discover it for a part time package handler position.
    Don't help them to uncover it, because if they do, you're probably out.
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    I assume he has gotten a Pardon, unless he was a juvenlille like said above.
    You don't need to list a Pardon either, unless a question arises if you have ever been pardoned.

    Normally, they are more lienient, and just ask, if you have commited a crime of which you have not been pardoned for.

    So, therefor, I wouldn't say a word !
    You got punished already, and it's history, and life (work) goes on.

    Besides all that, it won't show up on your criminal record search.
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    +1 what he said
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    I wouldn't worry about it, you truthfully answered the question that was asked and did not list the sealed records on the application as instructed.
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    Thanks. I'll try and not worry so much. It's either a yes or no anyway=)
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    Thanks to all of you for the quick replies. This is my first post. I appreciated the positive feedback from all of you.
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Mrzteelo! Let us know what happens.
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    say nothing
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    Welcome, teelo.
    Best of luck.
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    I'm calling your supervisor right now...
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    thank you i was not trying to say you are not correct just wanted to see how it was done there vs here. YOU Dont have to tell UPS