To sort or not to sort?, that is the question

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    Ok, so I've been a loader for exactly one week. Counting down the days to union, 35 more is going to seem like forever. That being said, if you have someone cool to talk to in the truck with you, the work sure does seem alot more enjoyable. I wanted to take the sort test soon, but unfortunately my supervisor today told me that they're doing away with the dollar raise for sorters. Can anyone else confirm this to be true? I mean, loading isnt all that horrible, but if I could sort for a dollar more, and not have black and blue marks all over, I'd be all for it. I hear that sorting is kinda boring, but I'd rather be a bored sorter than having to worry about a serious injury as a loader that could end my career before it even begins
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    They can't do away with something that is already in the contract, at least not until the next contract comes up.
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    The dollar raise isn't going anywhere, like dilligaf said. Sorters, pickoffs and preloaders (at least) get the extra dollar.

    UPS will say anything and do anything, you just have to be honest with yourself and accept the truth at all times. Also my advice (aside), never argue with a supervisor, because it is unnecessary "going through the motions" and generally does not solve anything. The grievance process is your argument and best yet, in writing.

    Lastly, I have done most of the jobs inside hubs and small buildings and sorter/sort aisle is NOT a walk in the park. Your shoulders, arms, triceps, all will be put through difficult repetitive motions that eventually will wear down the muscles and tendons. Ask any long-time pickoff or sorter about this and (assuming they are experienced) will explain that.

    Overall, the grass is always greener...just something to consider.
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    Get a copy of your contract. If you don't know where your steward is, you could go to your local union hall and get one. Maybe, you could call and have them mail you one. I think it's page 61 where the part timers area starts in the contract. The $1 raise is in the contract. They tried that here, didn't fly. As sleeve said, don't argue. You could show them the page that shows the wages. If they still deny you what they agreed to give you, grieve it. That would be your money your throwing away, if you don't.
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    If they give me that dollar raise for taking sort test, and put me back as a loader so be it. Loading is tough, but like I said if I'm not loading the truck myself its not that bad. Money talks.
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    Stripe, the one thing that you need to learn is that everything at UPS is done by seniority. You will appreciate this after you have been here for a while. For now, you just need to relax and focus on the task at hand. Dave.
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    It depends on the load you are loading, it depends on the unloader you are sorting, or if you are on a secondary /preload slide it depends on the flow...too many variables to say one way or the other which is easier.

    In my opinion, a reasonable load in a PD, is probably the easiest. However having loaded in several buildings, I have seen some of the most asinine load setups that are nearly impossible and pretty dangerous, as well as some of the easiest setups you could imagine.
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    My load setup is pretty easy. My supervisors in pd9 are cool. My buddy got stuck in pd4 which sux, and the sup is much tougher.
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    at some centers you CAN just sort. what you really need to learn is that at UPS everyone is going to tell you something different. some people have told me that they don't have to take their sort test every month some do. i've been working for four months and can sort but choose to unload beacuse i think it's easier. i just take the test once a month for the dollar. Take everything that sups and managment tells you with a grain of salt and don't believe anything you don't know to be true.