To Supe or Not to Supe...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by oakcreekteamie, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. oakcreekteamie

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    What are the pay raises for p/t supes? Yearly?
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  2. UPSNewbie

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    Search function is nice.

    There is no contract, or contractual raises for management.
  3. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    Yes generally yearly the ft sups have had theirs frozen, the pters normally come out in the next month or so I havent heard any grumblings of when in my building so who knows when they or if we re gonna get them
  4. toonertoo

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    To supe or not to supe............
    Not to supe
  5. UPS44GAL

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    It supposedly depends on ur qpr score...which is raises this yr are suppose to be merit based..not sure what that is..i heard something like 2% depending on ur merits..not sure where merits come from though. The ft raises go froze along w/401k. But i know i think last yr our pt sup raises were not even 30 bucks ayr.
  6. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    Never got a merit raise even though that's what they called it. I always got $75 a year no matter what.
  7. oakcreekteamie

    oakcreekteamie New Member

    Yea, thats what i am leaning to as of now. Im going for my BS in psychology then to grad school. Was just wondering what would be the best for me.
  8. if you don't plan on making a career of UPS it could be worth it to you. You'll get more $$ for school (least you do at my building) and obviously more money overall. It also looks decent on a resume too when you're done with school. However, having seen the way things go on I'm not sure I'd want FT management here. I'm finishing school before I decide on that but still.
  9. raceanoncr

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    Awww...go fer it!!! Ain't nuthin to it!

    UPS treats you fairly. You will not have to do any work. Pizza and pop every night for your workers and you. 4 hours and you're outta there. You get your nice little UPS pullover shirt laundered free, you know, the one that says "Supervisor" on it! You have thousands of opportunities opened up to you. Absolutely 0 chance for layoff or firing because THEY said so! You'll be admired by all. :devil3:
  10. pickup

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    No supe for you!!!!!!
  11. toonertoo

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    I got 100 to 200 a year. I went from 1275. pm to 2175 in 6 yrs, depends on your boss, its all up to him, since you are not planning to make a career of it, I would go for it. You will learn alot of BS psychology, and it looks great on the resume. Good Luck:happy2: