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  1. under the radar

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    Yesterday we were told that, because of a rash of "tier three" accidents in the district, there will be no more radios in the cab of the package cars. We were also to sign a sheet that states that we will comply with this order. I will talk to my business agent before signing this.

    Some drivers carry these huge contractors radios and put them on the dash which could obstruct one's view so I can somewhat understand the company's reasoning. But some of us have small radios that are not on or near the dash and we are being punished by this sweeping order.

    I know there is a provision for radios in the contract but it is not specific to where it can be located. We were told to put them in the cargo area. In other words, "Don't carry a radio."

    Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. feeder53

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    If I were in MGMT, I would have done a thorough study, then post a regulation and fielded it for comments before making a blanket statement. I would think that if it were mounted securly in a safe place in the cab, where the driver has direct access to it it may be OK. I have seen a number of accidents where there have been items on the dashboard and they have become projectiles that caused death so I can understand their concern. I see one package car driver in my building that has a contractor box radio in the center of the dash, I never looked to see if it blocked the drivers sight, or if it were attached to the truck to make sure it did not become a hazard.
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    Not only is it a safety hazard, having loose items in the cab, but it may be a violation of state laws. Az is trying to enact laws that prohibit the use of cell phones (no surprise, been trying to do that for years), and even changing the station on your car stereo. They are getting very technical. They are trying to include eating and drinking while driving, applying make-up (not a bad idea), shaving (also not a bad idea). So before you go putting those boom boxes in the cab you might want to check local laws.
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    my radio is is the cargo area on my 1000 problems here.......and it is a car radio hooked up by a good to ur mechanic and h
    Talkinge'll be good to u.....
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    Article 18. Safety and health, equipment, accidents and reports, section 8. That is the master contract, Master always overrides supplements and local. "Transistor radios will be allowed in package cars." That is it. Nothing more (on package cars) nothing less. The remainder of that section pertains to feeder equipment and as far as blocking view it refers (again feeder) to antennas. Common sense though. We had guys breaking windsheilds with stuff put on the dash. Grieve it and a compromise can be reached. Common sense while not so common any more can go a long way in preventing these types of problems. Respect the equipment and the image we are supposed to project. A home entertainment center on your dash doesn't work.
  6. rod

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    As far as I know most states already have enough laws on the books to cover all these problems. They are called "inattentive driving laws" and could be used against idiots that do these crazy things while driving. Unfortunately they are usually only used "after the accident".:peaceful:
  7. WhatPCM

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    There is no way any state would be able to pass a law disallowing drinking or eating while driving. Think of the amount of money all the fast food places would lose. The govt would be given a heap of crap for it.
  8. BigBrownSanta

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    This was done in my center about 3 years ago. I don't know if it was grieved to death or what, but about 30 days later we were told we could have radios in the truck again.
  9. over9five

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    When I came to Feeders I was told by the sup that trained me that for safety I should have a radio. (Keeps you from falling asleep while driving all night).

    Whole different world.
  10. rushfan

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    Go to feeders, than there won't be a problem.
  11. freeloader

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    Just pretend you're in the shower and sing to yourself. You might get some strange looks but otherwise it should keep people away from you.
  12. faded jeans

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    I really don't understand the desire for a radio in the truck. How do you even hear it? I can't hear my cell phone if it's in my shirt pocket (so I keep it on vibrate). Flame away.
  13. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Most UPS drivers I see have ear buds & iPods. I didn't think that was legal in ANY vehicle?
  14. speeddemon

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    It is contractual that we can have a radio in the cab. UPS has to provide the power hookup also.
  15. dannyboy

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    I agree with the statement that some of the radios that sit on the dash can pose a serious hazzard. They can slip out, fall out etc, and each time it is a serious issue when it comes to diverting the drivers attention.

    I carried a dewalt radio for close to 10 years. Straped it down with a ratchet tie. One end went around the diad holder, to the hand rail on the passenger side, under the rail that was right in front of the passenger seat, back to the radio. Once put in, it never ever moved.

    Crank that baby up, and I dont care what noise your package car makes, you can jam down the road.

    I also wrote down the date I bought the battery on the battery. That way, I knew where to find the reciept, they have a 3 year warranty. Did not have to buy a battery during the whole time.

  16. New Englander

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    I was going to do this but don't own any dewalt tools. The price of a lithium battery shocked me!
  17. hseofpayne

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    I'm with you on this one. It just doesn't seem professional to me to be BOOMIN' thru the neighborhood bringing negative attention to ourselves. I always thought thatwas part of what set us apart from other companies.
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    Same reason you like to have a radio on when you are in a car. Id go nuts if all I had to hear all day is the roar of the engine or silence when the engine is off. I have a mall route and can be in the back of the truck 15-20 minutes at a time. The radio simply makes my day more enjoyable
  19. special delivery

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    Do Not Sign Anything!! ever!!!
  20. speeddemon

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    I dont listen to music, I listen to talk radio.