Too many crazy people?

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    maybe its just me or just in my building but there seems to be a lot of really crazy people working for ups,does anyone else feel this way?but i dont mean crazy like kinda funny but people that are really mentally warped and possibly dangerous.i can think of at least 5 right off hand in my building.does anyone else notice this?
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    Re: To many crazy people?

    We have the "Crazy Eights" right here on browncafe !
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    Re: To many crazy people?

    The illogic, unfair, unrealistic demands creates the stress that pushes some people "postal" or to other crazy areas of their mind as a defense mechanism. The company is content as long as no problems happen. Good luck.
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    Re: To many crazy people?

    The preload sup at our building has three personalities that we have named. Psycho Susie, Wackie J*****, and ******(her real name). No joke. The dispatcher has serious mental issues, also. I have told both how I feel and have used all three names for the prelaod sup directly to her when speaking with each personality. I live on the edge, I know.

    Speaking of whacko's: have been told District Manager is bipolar. This is from his minions.
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    Re: To many crazy people?

    Anyone who stays at UPS is a bit crazy.
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    Re: To many crazy people?


    Individuals with mental illness is a widespread issue today.

    Medical treatment has advanced so that many of those afflicted can stay in society and continue to contribute and have productive lives.

    Individuals with mental illness should not be discriminated against.

    They should be cared for and loved.

    Mental illness should not be an excuse for improper conduct.

    Mentally ill management people should still be accountable for treating all employees with dignity and respect.

    If they cannot do this they should not be in postions of authority.

    They should be reported and disciplined accordingly and nondiscriminatorily.

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    Re: To many crazy people?

    It's odd the way folks can do at UPS but I think I do it too.

    So many sups can scream so terribly at someone, then turn around and smile, kid around with another person. It's instant. Frightens me. Took a long time to learn that it's just their job and they turn it on and off like a switch. Neither behavioir is real, just part of the job. However, it still frightens me.

    We all have to cope somehow. Some people just seem happy all the time, devil may care attitude. Some are sullen all the time and want to be left alone.

    I try to stay on an even keel, take it as it comes calmly and methodically. In years past I was spastic and angry. Still carry the reputation so people seem to tread lightly even though I have had very few outbursts in years. Not proud of the rep but if it keeps people respecting my work area so much for the better.
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    Re: To many crazy people?

    You`re quite right Dillwood!
    I hear that a lot overhere.:raspberry-tounge:
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    Re: To many crazy people?


    If a UPS employee witnesses someone being screamed at, then it is that employees responsibility to report it.

    If everyone did there job in this area you would see this behavior die out over time.

    It is unprofessional, disrespectful, irresponsible to scream at someone in the workplace under any and all circumstances.

    Excuses are unacceptable for this behavior.

    In the home, screaming at your family is immature, irresponsible, disrespectful, unkind and wrong.

    I have not experienced a trying or stressful situation that was made better by acting in this way.

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    Re: To many crazy people?

    I have reported the situation. Was told it was none of my business. I reported it as an actual concern for the safety of her employees. Had two senior people transfer to metro because of her behavior. No one in management takes the situation seriously. This could be caused by the District Manager having mental issues himself.

    Apparently, each personality that ****** has is appreciated by her management team.:raspberry-tounge:
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    Re: To many crazy people?


    Would you be so kind as to share the method and manner with which you reported this conduct?

    Have you continued to report each incident if the behavior has continued?

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    "are you talking to me?"
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    we have Dr. Frankenstein(dont say that name though,you might get a warning letter) with his insane add/cuts...and he will smile and write down any suggestions you give him ,and then next day is the same wrong splits..but thank mgod for him,im on pace for well over 80K...
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    Their not "crazy" they are mentally challenged and most of them make up the rules and unachievable number that we chase everyday.
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    I have a sick feeling that, at some point in the not-too-distant future, a Center or Division-level management person someplace is going to walk into work one morning and go postal. People can only be pushed and abused so far before they snap... and when a person doesnt have the right to union representation, doesnt have the ability to file a grievance, cannot hold his superiors accountable to a labor agreement, and has given his health and his sanity and 25 or even 30 years of his life to a company that is slowly and methodically shoving him through a meat grinder of impossible expectations....bad sh&t happens. I really, really, really hope and pray that I am wrong.
  16. soberups

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    It sort of hurts my feelings when I bring a problem to the attention of one of my supervisors and they go through the motions of writing it down on a piece of paper. I know they are never going to fix it...they know they are never going to fix it...and they know that I know that they are never going to fix it. What is the point of documenting something on a piece of paper when we both know it is going to wind up in the wastebasket the moment I walk away?
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    Who's to say the crazy people aren't normal and it is you that is off center.
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    Re: To many crazy people?

    This sounds like something bad will happen, and it's just a way for that supervisor and everybody else could go a stress leave. The handwriting is on the wall
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    Re: To many crazy people?

    They can usually be found posting in Current Events.