Too sexy for her job

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    Pictures needed.
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    She can come work for me any day.
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    Ordinary mom: Nelson has been working as a waitress since she lost her dental job and is unsure of her future career path

    Family man: Knight's wife, who also works in the dental office, demanded Nelson be fired when she discovered text messages

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    Iowa 10, California 4.
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    Anybody that stopped to read through the lines ... woman fired because the wife of her boss said either she goes or I go.
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    The wife read his texts.
    He was a dentist.
    Those texts saying "Please come in today, and we'll do some oral" may have been legit.....
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    The girl and the doctor had been exchanging INNAPROPRIATE texts... The wife discovered them, she TOLD the doctor/husband to FIRE the woman. The doctor under DIRECT testimony stated that he "would have probably had an affair with the girl down the road"....

    She is an "AT WILL" employee, and this has nothing to do with right to work, or anything else. An "AT WILL" employee can be fired for simply being unlikeable.

    In this case, the womans behavior cost her the job.

    Next time, she should know to keep it strickly business.


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    So tos, you now are taking the muslim approach to opposite sexes working together.
    The employer thought he might stray from his marriage vows .
    Thus he should fire all of his female employees including his wife & replace his staff with all males.
    After all that would solve his future desires { maybe } .
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    No, Ill side with the law. An "AT WILL" employee can be fired for "WHATEVER" reason the employer can come up with. You should understand this legality, since its the republicans who established it in the first place.

    The doctor need not have a specific reason to fire her, the courts agreed. The law stands.

    On the other hand, had she been a UNION employee, the doctor would have lost his job and the employee protected.

    You dont want unions?

    Then accept the results.

    The only thing "muslim" about this story, is your whacked out point of view.


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    More like "most definitely" because there is no homsexuality in the Muslim world.....they say so themselves.

    So explain the Shah's of Sunset to me !!
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    i'm thinking the dentist probably pulled two uppers and filled one lower while off the clock
    if you know what i mean.........
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    a lot of dentists' wives work in the office * need to keep an eye on things i suppose *
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    This was the case for one of the dentists on my delivery area. They got divorced and she "extracted" about half of his net worth on her way out the door.
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    My dentist's wife is one of the ladies that does the teeth cleaning........I've never seen a man do the hygienist's job.
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    i never have either * curious that
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    We know that the ceiling was broken because the medical field is filled with male nurses.......someone should research this subject.
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    maybe the guys know that the jobs would be few after certification, because dentists' like to have their bevy of beauties, hence many wives in and around the office * what a complicated cycle
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    Of course the news never gives you the whole story.

    As Paul Harvey used to say ---and now the rest of the story.

    The wife of the Dentist discovered the intimate sexy details of the employees sex life that she had sent to her husband in various e-mails.

    Of course the news will report that she was fired for being too sexy rather than deceit and Seduction----you could also throw in --sexual harrassment.