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    Ok I have a question about the top cover driver position. By top cover I mean you get to bid a route for the week of someone's vacation. You are able to bid and not "work as assigned." Ok heres the question. Lets say there is a bid driver on the "training" route that has more seniority than the top cover driver. When this bid driver is bumped off of his route for training purposes does he become work as assigned or does he get to bump the top cover driver out of his spot? To me it doesn't seem right that someone has the right to have a bid route AND be top cover. Can anybody give me any information about this and if its covered in the handbook Id like to know.
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    In my center if you win the bid on a route that is YOUR route for the week. No bumping, nothing. If the regular driver wants to work a day to help out, he is a swing driver.
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    The bid driver can bump any unassigned driver with less seniority if they are moved from their bid route that is designated a "training route" to train a new driver. Just like they can bump you if their route is cut.
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    All of this will come into play next year under the new Southern Supplement. All routes will be bid but some of them are only in the lineup three or four days per week. Should be interesting.
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    "unassigned driver" is obviously key word he is looking for. If you win the bid, NOBODY can bump you from that route for the week.
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    In my building cover drivers don't get to pick what route they will be on they are put where they have knowledge and are needed...

    Training routes are label training / cover when they go out to bid so when the driver gets bumped they become a cover driver see above.

    Driver that routes get cut become cover drivers for the day see above
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    I think this is where the terminology cover and swing drivers get mixed up.
  8. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Put where needed? So much for seniority.
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    Here, the on car makes the schedule for unsigned rts based on seniority and area knowledge. That being said, they have been known to drag their heels when getting low seniority drivers trained on multiple rts, thereby forcing higher ups to bounce around to rts they'd rather not cover. On the other hand, when it suits mgmt's needs they are more than happy to throw a driver onto a route cold and expect them to just donate their personal time to train themselves. And they wonder why nobody wants to friend them on Facebook.
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    Same way here
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    Are seniority list covers 3 building and 4 centers. During 2 year bid and when routes become open driver can bid into any building. So cover drivers bidding open position isn't going to work to well.
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I don't know why our local doesn't do that. Each building is it's own separate entity. We are all stuck in whatever building we are in. As a result the larger hub is having to pull part-timers to fill feeder positions.
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    Are local seniority list covers 3 building. Each building isn't it's on entity when it comes to bidding for open jobs you can bid into any building you want if a position is open and you win the bid. That goes for 22.3, package drivers or feeder jobs.

    With that being said it would have to work the same way for the cover driver when picking routes for the day or week. With 30-40 cover drivers in the three building it wouldn't be possible
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I wish we could do that. Aren't your unassigned drivers only entitled to run routes in the center they currently work in? I don't see UPS or the union agreeing to allow them to bounce between multiple centers. That would be chaos.
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    Drivers in my building frequently had to work in another center. I think they had the choice of working in the other center or going home.
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    This is how it works here also
    2 centers share señority ..only thing we don't share is vacation picks.i get asked now and then if I want to work the day in the other center..I usually say no
  20. BigUnionGuy

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    You need to contact your Local BA on this one.

    It can vary.... from Local to Local, state to state, and Region to Region.

    Rule of thumb is.... "With all things being equal, Seniority prevails".