Top Gun driver: UPS instructor passes along safety rules of road

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    Top Gun driver: UPS instructor passes along safety rules of road - Commercial Appeal

    Laura Hunt never drove anything bigger than a U-Haul before she set out to learn to drive a big rig early this year.

    That was hard to believe Tuesday as she manhandled 28,000 pounds of empty tractor-trailer and showed why she's one of United Parcel Service's top trainers of truck drivers.
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    I think that's insane.
    She's a top gun driver.
    However, she only learned to drive a rig this year.
    There is no way she can have experienced all the situations you can find yourself in.

    I know. I've been in Feeders since last year, and I haven't.

    She may be an excellent trainer, but she's no top gun driver.
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    ovah consier them as a paid observer,you know frm your last ride that they can tell you but not actually show you!!!
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    "Now that I've learned these driving habits, it spooks me to drive on the interstate."

    Spooks her? She ought to look at what package car drivers trucks look like going out in the morning if she needs a good spooking...

    I agree no top gunner. Sorry but I wonder being a women had something to do with this!...........

    Earned her CDL in 4 days and is a TOP GUNNER?>>>>

    Who writes these articles? Or better yet how does the news get a hold of a top gunner?

    Sorry but this story sounds a bit fishy to me, One does a job for a few days and makes histroy? I humped 200 stops on my first day. Where is my article at?

    I wonder if TIEGUY had something to do with this?

    Whatever, Congratulations on getting your CDL in 4 days!

    It takes a couple days just to read the book and get your permit. This is a bit far fetched to me.....

    Where is the bid list for this job posting? Anyone know?
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    It's scarry where this company is heading. She gets her cdl in 4 days and now she is going to tell all you "REAL" drivers what you have been doing wrong the last 15-30 years. Give me a friggin break!!!!!