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  1. I started driving March 2009 as an off the street driver. What will my top pay as a driver be. I am currently at 20.75. Looked in the contract but didn't see the amount. I ask because someone said it's along the lines of $22.
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    In march 2012 you will be at top rate which will be around $30.76.

    you will find pay rates in your rider part of the contract. Ask your steward for a contract book.
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    Article 41 Section 2 defines pregression. and your wages as per schedule should be in Article 55. In March 2012 when you reach your 36 months of progression top driver wage will be $31.23 for package car drivers.
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    I don't even see $30.76 anywhere in the contract for future wages. We will make $30.805 come this august.
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    I make 30.83 right now.
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    Top Package Car Driver Rate differs by a few cents from one Supplement to another.

    In New England the Top Rate in March 2012 will be $31.19. (Effective Feb. 1, 2012)

    The $30.76 Top Rate mentioned by UPSGUY72 will be effective in New England August 1, 2011. (UPSGUY72 aparently misread the chart in our Supplement.)
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    Off the street meat gets paid differently than insiders.
    We have to donate 2 years of raises to get our pension out of the red.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    "Off the street meat"? That's kind of a stupid comment.
  9. Anonymous 10

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    How about fresh meat or veal??
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    How about co-worker on equal footing?
  11. Richard Harrow

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    I found it rather clever, actually.

    Top rates vary by supplement, we are at 30.55 with the next raise coming in Augist, feeder drivers in our local are 10 cents an hour higher, not including additional compensation for pulling doubles.
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    Don't forget your Prozac this morning.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...and you your crayons and coloring books...
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    I'm "Off the street meat". I figured why go through all the trouble of working my way up when I could just walk in the door and drive.
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    I would say someone who is a "rookie" is not on equal footing to someone who is a veteran and acquainted with the procedures, policies, routes, business, driving skills, etc. Fresh meat is exactly what a new-hire is, a blank slate, rookie, newbie, innocent unsuspecting bystander... label them how you want. ;p
  16. UnsurePost

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    wait for it..any second now
  17. rod

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    Does it really matter? Everyone is just "meat" anyway to management. I had a center manager that even called everyone "meat". We had names for him also. Off the street meat is just telling it like it is. Don't kid yourself into thinking you are anything more.
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    Me too. Seeing I didn't live in Moms basement, I couldn't afford to be PT.
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    The all mighty peacock speaks again!!!!!
  20. menotyou

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    No, it's not stupid. It's harsh, but true. I worked preload 7 years. Some of my co-workers have been there over 12. They cherry-pick by the rules that change at a whim, who they want to drive. If you had unloaded 13 feeders a day for several peaks, at a building that averages 6 a day. I could go on and on. Street meat. Cold, but so is not having insurance because of your :censored2: supervisor.