Top pay for p/t sups?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by TrackThis, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. TrackThis

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    Is there a top pay for p/t supervision. Does anyone know?
  2. bones

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    I believe it is right around $2800/month, but that may vary by the city you live in as there are 4 or 5 different classifications for city's based on cost of living that affect pay for non-union employees.
  3. TrackThis

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    Nice.. Thank bones... How many years does that have behind that pay? Thats not too shabby for p/t.
  4. bones

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    That's the problem, with how the pay is set up you have to have somewhere between 15 and 20 years in to be at that rate, starting pay now is around 1550, you can expect 3.25 to 4.5% raises per year at best.
  5. depends on your area....ours start at a bit more than that. So our raises are probably smaller to make up for it haha :wink:
  6. Fnix

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    Mine starts @ $1500
  7. 1989

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    I was making about $2000 a month after 5 years. The standard raise was $75 a year.
  8. AirDriverAmy

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    A PT supervisor in my area makes about $1500.00 per month.
  9. TrackThis

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    Wow :crying: Its all different for different areas. Our raises here is about 35-45 per year. I wish it was 75!!! :thumbup1:
  10. preloader

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    Im pretty sure that the p/t sups get raises based on performance and not a set amount. IE

    make a part timer cry----2%
    make a part timer quit ----3%
    make a part timer go out of his mind and bring in the shotgun--4%
  11. Cezanne

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    1,500 a month, I make that in a week. They better start looking into unionizing.:cool:
  12. longlunchguy

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    Cezanne, Maybe we can bribe them and get better loads!!!!
  13. UPS Lifer

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    Not only does it vary by district depending on your district's classification, it depends on the years of service and your performance. Your manager and division manager determine your raise every year. There is no "top pay". There is a range that is adjusted to take into consideration the economic conditions as they exist for your area. The folks that are at the bottom of the range (based on equal performance) may tend to get a higher percentage than those folks at the top of the range. However, the folks at the top of the range may still see a little more actual dollars because they are at the top of the range.

    Here is an example of what I am talking about. If you make 1500/mo and get 2% raise that would equal 30/mo. If you make 3000/mo and get 1.3% you wouild make $39/mo.

    Each operation has a certain amount of money that is alloted for all raises and the manager/div manager divies those funds out by supervisor until all funds have been distributed. The HR department looks for areas that are way out of wack and will then review those areas with the division manager to make sure they are adjusted.

    As you can see....this is one reason why you should never discuss your salary with others. Either you or someone else will be is not worth it!
  14. why so they can start @ 8.50 an hour like our PT hourlies do..only salaried instead? I don't think they'll be doing that anytime soon
  15. Cezanne

    Cezanne New Member

    Yeah, you got a point there.:crying:
  16. Joopster

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    Management is for losers.
  17. haha didn't mean to slam the door on you there like that:tongue_sm

    see the thing is, if they paid us better (PTimers) I don't think they'd ever find PT supes, may actually be the reason they don't.
  18. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    Maybe, but you didn't make that when you were part time working 4 to 5 hours a day.
  19. UPS Lifer

    UPS Lifer Well-Known Member

    Your comment about management has absolutely no substance. It may not be for you and I respect that, but your "loser" comment classifies you in a very negative way. I mistakenly added rep points to you. Hopefully in the future you will deserve them. :thumbdown:thumbdown
  20. TrackThis

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    UPS Lifer!

    Thanks for the posts. Good Info. I was just curious about the pay. Trying to figure out which direction I want to go with UPS. Stay p/t for 20 years or 30 whatever the retirement is for p/t..(if anybody knows that info please share.) and work another job, Drive or strive for higher management. Not sure....

    Its still sad that hourly employees has this grudge against management. And your right, its not for everyone. Took me 5 years of thinking before I went into supervision and its been great so far.