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  1. Wally

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    How much will UPS be spending for our benefits year by year over this contract? Anyone have these numbers?
  2. Monkey Butt

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    It would be even better if one knew for the 5 years prior to this contract as well.
  3. The Milkman

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    Well what ever it is..........There are still Billions in profits left over for the board to decide on how much their bonus will be...
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Such bitterness. I guess it's lonely at the bottom as well! ;)
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    According to Ken H this year the company will pay 2.7 billion for members healthcare. The first year of the contract that rises to 3 billion and to 4 billion the fifth year.

    At 1:30 in the video.


    The per member breakdown is at upscontractfacts.
  6. The Milkman

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    Just the facts..The Truth...Thats all..Am I right or wrong? Billions in profits after all is said and done.. Year after Year since I was hired in 81...
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    What's funny is the article that Cheryl posted says they are spending a billion a year on new technology. The interviewer asked directly 3-4 times well how much is this going to save you. Finally after being pressed he answered well if we cut 1 mile off every driver that could save us 50 million a year.

    ​So let me get this math right spend a billion a year to save 50 million. Sounds like government math.
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    Guess it's time to change those speedometer gears in the transmissions to show less ACTUAL mileage.
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    • local pharmacies. One place your coverage won't work is Wal-Mart. For a full list of where you can get prescriptions filled click here.
    • Question: What is UPS's weekly contribution rate per member for TeamCare under the new agreement?
      Answer: The weekly rates are as follows. There is no current rate for part-timers because they are currently in a UPS plan.
      [TH]Current rate[/TH]
      [TD="class: subtitle, bgcolor: #F2F2F2, colspan: 6"]For full-time employees:[/TD]
      [TD="class: subtitle, bgcolor: #F2F2F2, colspan: 6"]For part-time employees:[/TD]
      [TD]UPS plan[/TD]
      *The rates in 2016 and 2017 will not exceed the amounts shown
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    PTimers in my area are in the union plan and get the same healthcare the FTimers get.
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    :rofl: You are So Right!
  12. Monkey Butt

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    I lot is spent for ​maintaining and improving tracking and other legacy systems.

    UPS's investment and continued investment is something we should all be thankful for.
    Without technology, UPS would not exist ... it would gone the way of REA.
  13. PT Stewie

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    One of the big reasons I work @ UPS as a second job these last 15+ years is I get those wonderful benefits the same as the full timers. I believe the amount paid per person is based per hours not benefit package which is all the same. Look at the amount per week multiply it by 52 and add it to your yearly income it is something that you don't get by asking "do you want fries with that ? " I heard the figure and cannot remember but is in the billions that UPS is paying for health care over the next five. In the words of a not so great man "If you like you plan you can keep your plan" at least for five more.