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I have used the site with my kids for several years. I was just there before I popped on here.

The kids just love it! Thanks for sharing.

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I grew up less than 2 miles from the former home of the 8th Air Force, Westover AFB. One of the local TV stations used to put on quite a production on Christmas Eve. They would broadcast a UFO alert. They then cut to a film of some fighters scrambling to intercept the object. Of course the pilots would report their sighting much to our glee. Of course it was all an act and they never launched any fighters. One year though, just as the alert came on the tube, Westover sent up a couple of F104s. It was just a coincidence, but we didn't know any better. Our house was just off the approach to the main runway and those jets shook the house. We knew that Santa was in the neighborhood and ran off to bed. We had a hard time getting to sleep though.


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I heard about this on FOXNEWS this am, and tried to look, but it wouldnt download, darn dial up!!!!!!! SANTA I want a cable hookup!!!!
Anyway they said it started in 1955? when sears advertised a phone number to call to find out where santa was and a few numbers transposed and it was NORAD. At first they were frustrated then decided to do it every yr, I think its cool, He was in Grenada, the last time I looked. I couldnt actually see his track, just his locale....Anyone else find this story?