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    I used to be a loader (outbound) and was always curious when once I scan a package it shows up as 'Departure Scan' on the tracking info or once the trailer is ready to go to another hub/center the feeder driver does that?
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    is it just me or does that question make no sense
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    LOL...The loader does it
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    Sorry, didn't know how to put it. But you know what i'm trying to say, don't you?
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    Operations takes care of it once 5 other things clear the system . also it is why drivers are not "cleared" to unload till the sup has radio confirm that operations has the pac car number in the system .
  6. brownIEman

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    When you scan the package you are associating that tracking number with the trailer you are loading in (assuming you scanned the trailer first).
    Once the feeder dept. or someone acting in that capacity goes into the system (TFCS) and processes a departure event for that trailer, the system adds the 'Departure Scan' to each package you scanned into that trailer.
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    Dju keep using dat word a lot...I do not tink it meens wat you tink it means....