?train refused to put over two dozen loads on?

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Heard the train said they where full and refused to put lots of our loads on, as result 19 contractor loads, and the few extra we got to cover. Did this happen anywhere else? Just hope there are not a bunch of flowers for mothers day in all the contract loads that did not make it on time.


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I know UPS & power plants (coal) are some of the railroad's best customers. But they are so busy. Lottsa congestion on the rails these days & the railroads are giving UPS some of their own medicine--arrogence. I think that's a big reason for ups turning to sleeper teams; in addition to gaining a day to certain areas. Most of the flowers for mom came expedited (air) or from a big warehouse in a central area---just a feeder run away.

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Lane enhancements have taken many loads off the rails and put them over the road with sleepers to meet the new transit times. This has taken UPS business away from the rail comapnies. Maybe they are not cooperating with UPS as well as in the past ?