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    I started on Sept 23rd as a 22.4 driver. So far I’ve only been out by my self 4 times. The first day I did horrible. Second day I did better and the 3rd day did even better. I didn’t work for 4 days after and the 4th day out I did horrible (took me to long) again. The next day I got called into the office and almost got fired for taking to long to finish my route. Now, tomorrow will be a week since I worked. Are they not working me because I had 2 bad days? Do all trainees go through this?
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    explain to the supe that when they work you for 3 days then 4 days off it’s hard for you to establish a rhythm wants runner/gunner numbers from day 1
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    I hope a Steward was present when the yelled at you.
    File a harassment grievance.
    Contact an attorney and sue on the grounds of hostile work environment
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    And tell his mommy while he’s at it.
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    I did talk to my sup and after the conversation he told me I was scheduled to work the following week. He was right, I only worked 1 day this week. I won't work Friday or Monday so another 7 days without work.

    This is BS. They treat the trainees like :censored2: and we can't do anything about it.
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    UPS treats everyone equal. Either get used to it or find another job.
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    you should find a full time driver and follow him around on his route in your car. Then mimic everything he does at every stop. This is how @IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U became a good driver
  8. Yes
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    They treat trainees like.....trainees.

    They are going to push and harass you to see how you handle it . When I started and they hammered me to the point of me about to go postal or cry and my sup asked if I was good I'd laugh on the outside and say "that's all you got"? I had the endgame in my mind of being hired and nothing was going to stop me . At least I knew if I didn't get the job I did everything i could to show I was capable. In the end it would have been their loss if they didn't hire me (at least in my mind) . In the end they hired me so I guess I did something right .I beat out 6 other people.
    Don't be soft or show any weakness in the beginning or your done .