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    Hey did anybody see this. In the Wall Street Journal, there was an article on UPS in that they are going to be looking for 25,000 drivers in the next 5 years due to drivers retiring or through atrition.
    Apparently they have a new way of training similar to pilots sitting in a simulatr.

    Candidates vying for a driver's job, which pays an average of $74,000 annually, now spend one week at Integrad, an 11,500-square-foot, low-slung brick UPS training center 10 miles outside of Washington, D.C. There they move from one station to another practicing the company's "340 Methods," prescribed by UPS industrial engineers to save seconds and improve safety in every task from lifting and loading boxes to selecting a package from a shelf in the truck.

    They play a videogame that places them in the driver's seat and has them identify obstacles. They progress from computer simulations to "Clarksville," a village of miniature houses and faux businesses on the property where they drive a real truck and must successfully execute five deliveries in 19 minutes.

    By getting out of the traditional classroom and using technology and hands-on learning, "we've enhanced the probability of success of these new drivers," says Allen Hill, UPS's senior vice president of human resources. A second Integrad will open in the Chicago area in the summer, and the training methods will eventually go company-wide, he says.

    As Nick Byrnes, a 23-year-old with a buzz cut and black Ray-Ban sunglasses, drove through Clarksville, a UPS instructor tossed a football in his path. Mr. Byrnes hit the brakes. But then, when he hopped out to deliver a package, instructor Mike Keys sneaked an orange traffic cone in front of the truck.
    Mr. Byrnes hopped back in and started up. "Stop! Stop! Ugh!" yelled Mr. Keys. He picked up the cone. "This is a kid who was playing football around your vehicle and went to get his ball."

    Anyone ever hear of this. WOW
  2. jimstud

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    let any of us go out and do 15 stops per hour and see what happens.
  3. dcdriver

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    It is intergrad training is has been around for a few years now.
  4. helenofcalifornia

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    And did anyone tell the millions who read this article that most hires are from inside, where you will be paid $8.50 an hour starting, for the 5-10 years it takes until your seniority date comes up? Looks good on paper for UPS, but misleading to the masses who read this and think they will be driving in the next five years. The article was dead on about the baby boom retirement wave though. And everybody goes to this school or just those in the Mid-Eastern states?
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    Give em a set of keys and a map like the good ole days.
  6. Overpaid Union Thug

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    25,000 huh? As if UPS is going to fill each and every position that is vacated by those "baby boomers." We all know that a huge chunk of those jobs won't be filled. Just like the 22.3s that go vacant.
  7. hyena

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    Wow this news gets me a little excited, hopefully theyll add a couple of drivers on at my center!
  8. dilligaf

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    I bet the 5 drivers that have been layed off at my center, for most of the last year, would like to know how it is UPS is hiring 25,000 new drivers. :knockedout:
  9. toonertoo

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    Yeah, right.
  10. Baba gounj

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    you got a map !!!!!
    darn you were lucky
  11. UnsurePost

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    Typo I think he meant MAPP :wink2:
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    That is 96 drivers in a year per state. Are we not doing that already? IMO this is just a media stunt to move the stock up
  13. sano

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    I wonder also. However, turning over 1/4th of the drivers in the next 5 years sounds high. I hope they are right. That would mean that not only would I have a full time driving job, but I would have some people between me and the layoffs.
  14. BlackJack616

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    I'll be going there in 2 weeks.
  15. dilligaf

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    IMO This is stupid on UPS's part to even consider announcing this when we currently have so many drivers laid off. It gives a false sense of security to the new hires and it causes anger and resentment amongst those that are on lay-off and have no idea when they are going back to driving. :biting:
  16. brownelf

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    i want to be one of those 25000 baby boomers who are going to retire, but the new contract says I've got to be 55 for medical benefits. Been doing this gig for 32yrs already hope I can make it 4 more years...
  17. Baba gounj

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    Darn, I have to wait until I'm 57.
  18. scratch

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    I'm in the same boat. I will be 52 next month, so I'm planning on 5-6 more years right now. My house will be paid off and my investments should look better. Health insurance and being debt free are my goals, I just hope my body will last that long.