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    I have a question. I have been working full time package driver since Oct. 2013. The center I work in has a substation in another city. This city is closer to my house so I'd love to transfer to this center. This center did expand after this last peak and they asked to people to transfer there. I put my name on the list but was passed over by higher senority people than myself. No biggie.

    So my question is this. I have been sent to this substation for the past month and half to cover sick calls and vactions etc. With talking to the manager there, it does not look like I'll be going back to the center I "belong" to until after summer vacations. I have heard a few drivers say that if I cover long enough I can stay at this center permanently kinda like a transfer by default?

    No idea if this is true or not. so I'm hoping people here will be able to help answer or give me some insight on this. Thanks in advance.
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    There is no such thing as a transfer by default. You were given the chance to permanently transfer but did not have the seniority to do so. You will return to your home center once the vacations have all been covered.
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    Man i wish my local allowed people to work in other buildings too. There are at least a few advantages to that.

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