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    One of our brothers in NC is asking for help on this issue. Haven't looked at the National agreement to see if this is in writing yet but this is what he asked: I live in Asheville NC and we are the only district in the country that can't transfer, I would like to get that changed ASAP since it is for no reason and I don't really know why it is still that way. Several upsers are upset about the fact that we don't even have a choice to if we wanted. Please help with any info or change that you could do. Thank you so much.

    Would appreciate any info on this that anyone has. It's definitely not fair and shouldn't be this way. Any body got any knowledge of this crappy rule?
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    Rules like this will be found in your supplement. Changes to your supplement are done at the local level.
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    Uh the western supplement I believe are the only ones that can transfer.

    Here we can bid on other positions within the same union. Gotta have the seniority to get the bid though.
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    I would lobby against transfer rules. It is not far to PT people that have put their time in at a smaller, 'more desirable' location because people in urban centers want to move to where they want to retire.

    FT UPS positions probably have the lowest turnover of any blue collar position in the country. Fulling rare FT positions with transfers are just not fair to locals

    For those that are unhappy about it: tough. You should have researched the job better before you signed on the bottom line.
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    When you transfer, you lose your building seniority. So if you transfer part time or full time or driver, down to the bottom you go. I transferred from Portland almost 10 years ago and I'm still not fulltime. So it's not a loss to the building for someone to transfer in. The positions are filled from the bottom anyway.
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    Ft transfers are done as an off the street hire. Many people who are asked if they want to transfer turn it down because they arnt ready to give an answer in 24 hrs or don't want to be at the bottom of seniority. To be laid off for 6 months would suck. That being said, I'm looking for 2 more transfers in the next 8-10 years.
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    Not true. If you choose to transfer you go to the bottom of the seniorityy list. You only maintain seniority if you are forced out by an operations change or a hub closing.
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    The ability to transfer for educational reasons is in the National agreement. I am not finding a Supplement in the NC contract that states that you cannot transfer for this purpose. You can't transfer just because you want to...It has to be because you are going to school in another district. Can anybody find the rule that NC can't transfer? There are no "Exceptions" listed in the National.
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    Actually, in the Western Conference you can transfer "just because you want to".

    The most common transfer is the educational.

    The least common transfer is the hardship/medical.
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    We have a 5-6 year driver (off the street) who is convinced she can transfer from here to Buffalo just because her boyfriend moved there.
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    Prob depends if he makes significantly more than her and they would have to be married.
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    Full timers I don't have a clue how that works. You figure...if you look at the difference in the amount of Pension benefits paid in different Locals, I would think that would be way too much for the Union to handle. 5 years here, 3 here, 15 here. Obviously you would work as many years in the highest paying Local if you had that luxury. Part-timers however are under the company pension, and it doesn't matter where you work the payout is the same.