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Hello this is my first post and one that is purely informational. I was wondering if it would be possible to transfer to a UPS facility in Canada. I am wondering because i have a friend that moved to Canada and received his student visa. If i were become accepted to a university would i be able to enforce the Teamster contracts rule that transfers are allowed for educational purposes?

Also i have been noticing there are some Canadian UPSers using this forum and i was interested in some information on what kind of Contracts if any are present in Canada, and details on pay and working conditions. Thanks for any information that can be given.:cool:


Welcome to the cafe Mr Shifter.I work in Toronto,and as far as transfering up here goes,youd find the best answer locally.
We are currently in year 3 of a 6 year collective agreement
between UPS and the IBT.From what I`ve read ,the working conditions are basically identical to the USA.The pay is quite a bit lower than our counterparts to the south.FT drivers here make $23.04 an hr.By the end of the contract we will be making$24.84.


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Welcome Mr Shifter! I'm a Canadian driver & a Union Stewart. It wont be easy but I think that you could make the transfer to Canada. You should ask your sup. or manager. With the current labor market, I'm sure that if you have ups experience that you could get hired off the street. Yes we do have a collective agreement. We are Teamsters. The current agreement has been in effect since 2004 & expires in 2010. From your posting I would guess that you are a part-time inside worker. Here are some of the current wages; preloaders, sorters & shifters top rate is $17.54, new hire rate is $10.00 with a 30 month wage progression. Package Handlers start at $9.50, top rate is $16.16. You might get some more info from the Cdn Teamster web site, . Hope this is helpfull. Good luck. p_d_q

Mr Shifter

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Thanks for the Info it helped out pleanty. Now i just have to find a college that will accept me :crying:...
How many facilities are in canada ? is there one generally in every area? I currenty am a feeder shifter for a large hub, are there large hubs in Canada?


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Mr Shifter

Welcome to Brown Cafe and enjoy your stay

And good luck job hunting in Canada. You already received some great advice from our Canadian members.


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Mr. Shifter:

The only problem I forsee with transfering to Canada is the unskilled labour issue. Our federal government, bless there lil hearts, will not recognize a parcel delivery driver as skilled labour.