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    I'm just curious and throwing this idea out here to get your guys opinion and ideas.. At the building I am at now it takes 10+ years to go full time. I have heard that there are other centers that you can go full time in much shorter time. I am a young guy currently in college part time as well. So I am curious if I transfer my schooling to another state I could then transfer buildings as well and maybe go full time much quicker than where I am now. I have no problem with moving to another state and going to a different school. So is there a way I could find out what centers are hiring full time in a shorter amount of time than 10 years, and if so, could i transfer there and still be eligible for full time? I have been with the company almost 5 years and still close to the bottom of seniority list, which is ridiculous in my opinion. But anyways..what do you guys think? Is it possible to transfer just to go full time? Is there a way I can find a hub that is hiring in a short amount of time to full time? thanks
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    Not quite sure about this, but I think at least in some regions, for purposes of bidding into things it goes off building seniority. Meaning if you transfer the 5 years you have at your current location won't mean anything in terms of getting into a ft potion elsewhere.

    I could very well be wrong, but it's something that if true would make it probably take just as long, probably longer, just to get a FT position than if you stayed put.
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    Ninnim is right. Put yourself in the shoes of an employee in the center you want to transfer to. How fair would it be to that person who has also been waiting for a FT slot to open if someone with more company seniority were to transfer in and get the position before you? You do keep your company seniority in regard to pension, pay and vacations, although you would bid them based on building seniority.

    I think you best bet is to stay where you are and hope that the economy turns around and our volume turns around with it.
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    Yeah, i didnt really think of it like that.. thanks for your input.
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    I would say...STAY IN SCHOOLLL!! Think long term
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    Can you transfer to other areas from your building??
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    The way I understand the National Contract, you retain your company seniority (when transfering) for the purpose of vacation and holiday pay only. If you are a driver here, you go to the BOTTOM of the driver list there. Seniority for bid jobs within a certain center are on a CENTER BASIS and the day you start work there is your seniority date for bidding within that center. However, if that put you in the list closer to the next bid position that where you are now( for instance going to a smaller center), it might be worth the transfer. JMHO
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    I worked pt for 7 yrs and was hired 3+ years ago ft and since then no ft driving bids went up and with how many rts they cut I still only get 3 to 4 days a week. So stay in school and find something else....
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    i give you guys credit for working that long in the building. i worked inside for 6-7 months then started air driving on Saturdays right before peak. peak hit and i was running ground making top rate. i was loving it lol, after peak was over they asked me if i wanted to go full time, took the class and 5 years later im still at it. it sure :censored2: off alot of the younger guys (under 21) that had been working in the building since they were 16, having some guys who had been there less than a year and went full time driving.

    STAY IN SCHOOL!!! the checks are nice but all the BS that comes with it isn't
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    Yeah, that'll never happen now, they're cutting routes not adding drivers.
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    In most cases transferring (educational) from a hub to a small extended center shortens your wait time to go full-time. Yes, you lose seniority but if you transfer rather early in your career you actually shorten the time because in most extended centers there is less part-timers per full-time job. That means less people waiting. In most areas you can't just transfer for the sake of transferring. It has to be for education purposes. The best thing to do is find out if there is an extended center near the school you want to go to and then put in for a transfer there. You might even be able to finish school before you have enough seniority to go full-time. Either way you won't have to wait 10+ years like you would in those dreadful hubs. Transferring was one of the smartest things I ever did.
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    I'm a split driver and the "go to" guy in my center. Anytime they have a route that they need to send somebody blind on I'm the guy. Anytime they need somebody to help another driver I get the call. I don't really mind, I have about six months till top rate and need the o/t. Once I hit top rate I think I'll just remove myself from that list... ​
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    We have a guy who was a 22.3 and after 11 years of waiting came across the country to my center. He was on vacation and asked one of our drivers what the wait time was. At the time it was a year. He went for it, started driving after a year and now is laid off 5 months of the year. It's really a crap shoot.
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    but what does this have to do with transfering to a different center to shorten the wait time to go full-time?
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    He was just patting himself on the back. Don't you hate guys like that?:wink2:

    BTW, once you are on that "list" it is very hard to get off of it.