Transfer without education?

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    Hey guys! I've been with UPS about 3-4 months now. I'm PD2 and they mostly give me shurepost trucks which I love I think I'm decent at my job, but I want to transfer from the SLC Hub to the Dallas Hub. I don't want to go back to school, but my mother is sick and I want to be down there to help take care of her. Is this an option?
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    I've heard of cases where they can give you a hardship transfer, but that's completely at their discretion. I don't know any details beyond that. Contact your BA and Area HR Manager.
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    Since you're relatively new, why not ask for a positive rehire status? It really all depends on if the new hub is hiring.
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    Quit and go to Dallas.
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    Screenshot_20191201-172644_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

    Here is the language for PT transfers. It doesn't look like you'd be eligible. Though you can try.
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    You can also take online classes at an approved credited School in the area you want to transfer to which is another option if you don't want to physically go to school.

  7. I currently work at the Dallas hub which is not currently hiring anft hasn't been since peak season ended also the day sort is shutting down March 13 and night sort is shutting down June 13 and I just talked to my shift manager last night as a matter of fact and was told and their not going to let everybody transfer the main ones who will get to transfer to another shift in the Dallas hub will be people who either ride dart to and from work or live in the general area or farther from the new Arlington hub than this hub but seeing as how your a relatively new employee you probably won't even get a spot in the Dallas hub their not currently hiring and aren't letting people from other hubs transfer in since two shifts are closing down. You could possibly try getting on at the DFW airport hub but they really don't hire often
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    3 months and you want a transfer? You have nothing now so quit and apply there. The mesquite hub is hiring 24 7 365
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    The day and night sort are shutting down? At the Dallas hub? What's that address? That's amazing. Why are they shutting the shifts down?
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