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    I had been working part time (union member)for ups for about 4 years now , I live in Kansas City, however, I want to transfer to California, the reason for this is because my fiancée lives there.

    I am a next day air driver here

    my problem is that here in Kansas City I'm next on the list to go driving full time ,my ultimate goal is to transfer and be a driver over in California...

    What can I do to make this happen? Thank you guys :)
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    Find yourself a nice Midwestern girl.
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    AJ's taken. ;)
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    If you transfer you are going to lose all of your building seniority. So you will be last on the list for ft driving.
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    Your only choice really is to leave K.C. on good terms and ask your current supervisor if he could get you
    rehired in Ca. If you have a good record I'm sure they're be glad to hire you back. They won't need to retrain you.
    Yes I know you'll lose your 4 years of service.

    Almost did the same thing myself back in 1980. I had 5 years in Pa. and seriously thought about transferring to AZ.
    We had just started up out there. The center manager at the center told me he would rehire me in a heartbeat. But I would have to start
    over. Decided it just wasn't worth it.
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    Have your fiancee move to KC.
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    I asked my HR and she said if I went to school there I could get a transfer and also keep my seniority :) ... The only concern at this point would be where I would be in the driving list?.. She said I have to call the California hub and ask them, she didn't have the number..

    Do any of you guys have a number I can call?(Fontana CA, or general ups HR)

    Thank you so much! Everyone's answers have been helpful. I appreciated your time
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    You can transfer for educational reasons, but to the best of my knowledge any building movement like that puts you at the bottom of that building's seniority. Meaning while you will keep your pay rate and number of vacations you will start back at day one in regards to full time driving advancements. I realize California is a beautiful state to live in with great weather, but cost of living there is much higher than in Kansas. Maybe you can talk your fiance into sticking it out with you in KC where that fulltime driver salary can be stretched a lot further. Promise to make California your retirement state if the liberals haven't ruined it more so than they have now.
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    Dear Lord son, please do not move to this awful state! Sure it's purdy, but it's in crisis! It's so expensive to live here... I've been trying to get out of this death-hole for a few years now! Bring your love to you!
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    Wow is it THAT bad? :/ .. With all of you guy's responses I think I am going to do that!

    Just go driving here and go down there to visit like I have been

    Thanks for the input!
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    I'm sorry about that, I am new in the community and I was not aware there was a "transfer " section. I will make sure to post to the right section next time, thank you
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    It's called "searching". Some also refer to it as, "read more, post less."
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    Alright I get it
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    I love how no one ever uses the search function on the brown cafe site. Maybe everyone thinks their question is unique. You know kind of like if I needed to know where to get ups socks. There's no way that's ever been covered on this site I would obviously need to start a thread about it.
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    brownslave, noe one on any forum bothers to use the search function lol....most fourums that are more than a couple of years old are so filled up with posts that it would take 3 or 4x's as long to find through the search feature what you could just post on the main page
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    brownslave, no one on any forum bothers to use the search function BC is 1 of 5 I check daily lol....most fourums that are more than a couple of years old are so filled up with posts that it would take 3 or 4x's as long to find through the search feature what you could just post on the main page
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    This is the only forum that I participate on where noobs do not get 'beat up' for not searching for the most common questions. 1 of the forums that I visit takes great pleasure in dog-piling on noobs for either posting something that has been posted already or not searching.

    Nothing better than dog-piling on noobs.
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    In order to get a educational transfer you would have to be accept and enrolled in school..... Educational transfer are not guaranteed the building near the school you want to go has to have a spot and has to except you... You do keep your company seniority however you would be at the bottom of the seniority list in that building as to bidding on any job that would open so you would basically be starting over again...

    If you quit in KC your probably going make the do not rehire list if you lucky and don't. You would be starting from scratch again. Your most likely not vested in the pension yet since it takes 5 year. You would lose that 4 years and still have to put in 5 in CA to become vested....