Transfering at UPS?

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    I know part timers can transfer if schooling is involved. What about Article 22 full timers?
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    Prolly not, i could be wrong though.
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    Re: Transferring at UPS?

    It seems they have gotten more and more lenient over the last 10 years about transferring. Does anyone think with the next contract anything will change? I would love to get away from where I live but there is no way I can quit UPS.
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    As of right now there are no transfer options for full time drivers at least with the exception of educational transfers and hardship transfers. And still those hardship transfers are very difficult to work out. I have been looking into transferring from New England to Texas and have not found any way to do it. And to me, it seems to be ridiculous to not be able to make a transfer inside the company. Plus if a driver wanted to go to another center, he'd have to jump through all kinds of hoops to do it. You'd have to quit your current position, and apply as a walk in at the new center. There is no guarantee you'd get in either. And what to me seems like the most ridiculous part of all this, UPS being a multi billion dollar company will have you turn in whatever current uniforms you have when you quit, and you will need to be issued new ones when you get the new job, AND you will need to go through driver orientation all over again. I can't understand that. I know the job, and it is the same everywhere. So why spend the time and money to put a trained driver through training to do the same thing he is doing now, to train him in the same way he already knows. I could live with losing seniority in the new building and going to the bottom of the driver list to become the center bitch in the new building, but I fail to understand the reasons why UPS would make a driver quit, get re-hired, start at the bottom of the pay scale ( also stupid ), turn in old uniforms, and need to be re-trained. I have been driving for 2 years, and do a pretty good job everyday. But UPS makes some pretty stupid policies for such a huge company.
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    Don't blame the company. Blame the Union on that one.
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    Damn Union!!
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    Some areas do have full time transfers I am in the south eastern area and we have a propasal on the table based on the western area where transferrs are in there contract. If anyone wants informations on this proposal I will be glad to give it. I am in local 61 we have a meeting in the morning where a list of over 200 full time drivers in our area have sighed a pititions in support of our proposal for full time tranferrs in our area. In a nut shell as a full timer you would submit a transfer request in writing within your subliment and when an outside hire job comes open you can tranfer into that center but you take a hit you keep your pay and vacations but you go to the bottom of the list in that center and never dove tail. This protects the part timers and the full timers in any given center. It may not be perfect but its a start. If any one wants a copy of our proposal let me know I can also give you copys of our petitions. In this day and time our spouses also have jobs and have a chance to advance but it maybe in another town we need this flexablity to move iand if we take a hit like going to the bottom of the list in a building... well let me make that choice its our life lets take control of it. This is a petition in support of the proposed Rider/Addendum AAPGC: FULL-TIME TRANSFERS within the Atlantic Area Supplement submitted by Local 61 members
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    Tups I just now seen that you are in New England and want to go to Texas, the proposal we submitetd which was based on the western area states that you can only transfer in your area subliment. Maybe one day after we get area transfers in across the nation we can work on nationwide tranfers.
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    Let's hope so. I'm sick of South Dakota.
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    I's sad that such a company cannot do something as simple as this.
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    Let's get this ball rolling! When I first started they wouldn't even rehire. It's sooo much closer! Let me keep my pay and vacations. I'll start from the bottom as far as in house seniority goes. I need out of here!!!!
  12. RockyRogue

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    They might transfer you...IF you went back to p/t. If so, I can't think of a hub in the Lower 48 that wouldn't accept a transfer. -Rocky
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    Out here in the western conf. you can transfer to certain area's within the conference. You do keep your vacations, your pay is whatever the rate is at the new center, and you do go to the bottom of the center seniority list. The one thing I did'nt see mentioned is that there is a ratio of 6 to 1 in our contract, 6 part-timers have to go to full-time(in the center you want to transfer to) before a transfer will be taken, hence the 6 to 1 ratio. This can make the transfer take a very long time to come depending on where you are on the transfer list. When I transferred it took 3 years for the transfer to come thru even though I was #1 on the list, every year we have to re-bid for the transfer list so this can also have an effect on when you will get it (you could be #1 this year, but if someone with more senoirity signs on the following year you would be bumped lower). If you plan on going into feeder, the day you start at the new center will become your new seniority date for any future bids. In a nutshell you will be a utility driver, ****ty vacation selection, and you may not get into feeder (will depend on the number of runs in that bldg). I suggest talking to the local union rep in the area you wish to go to, about any local riders that may have an impact on transfers. Good luck
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    Im in the western region and last summer they put up a bidsheet for transferring. You signed up and gave locations you were interested in transferring to. There's 6-1 transfer language in our supplements. Meaning the sixth new driver can be a transfer from some other center in the western states. The stars all have to align perfect to pull off one of these transfers though.
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    just make sure you go to a hub that's comparable or bigger than yours. i tried to transfer and had to quit cuz 'there aren't any positions available.' six years down the drain...
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    I agree. If a driver is willing to lose seniority what is the big deal with the company. It is up to the driver if he wants to lose all the perks as long as it doesnt affect his pay and vacations.
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    Copy of Proposal submited by local 61

    This is a copy of our proposal for the South Atlantic region taken from the western region language. It may not be perfect but its a start, it gives us flexabilty in our career.


    A full-time package driver shall be permitted to transfer from one (1) Company facility to another, provided said employee has an active letter on file stating the desired facifity into which they wish to transfer. Such letters must be dated within the past twelve (12) months to be considered active. Any such transfer shall take place only within the area covered by the Atlantic Area Supplemental Agreement and only prior to hiring from the outside. Any such transfer shall be limited to two
    (2) people, per year per destination facility. Such employee shall retain company seniority for the purpose of fringe benefits but shall be placed at the bottom of the appropriate seniority list.

    In addition, if feeder vacancies cannot be filled by the Company’s feeder request list, qualified feeder drivers may submit an active letter stating the desired facility they wish to transfer to. Such drivers will be offered openings prior to hiring from the street. The same provisions for package car drivers will apply to feeder driversas outlined in this section.

    It is understood that the Employer shall not be responsible for any costs associated with an employee transfer.

    It is the employee’s responsibility to verify all benefits at the requested transfer location. Benefits may vary by state and location. The medical, dental, vision, retiree medical coverage and pension benefit rates may be less or non-existent in the location you desire. Contact the Local Union having jurisdiction over the area you wish to transfer to for all information pertaining to area benefits.

    Note: Language is taken from the North California Supplement and/or Western Region.
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    Anyone that is in the south atlantic area that supports this proposal be sure to tell your local union and let them know its needed.
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    Transferring restrictions are union based and UPS policy is set up to avoid the potential seniority conflicts and problems that could arise. Stinks that it so strict but it has to be to avoid problems.
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    Very true.