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    Hi, i work in oregon as a part-time employee. I like my job but feel like i should atleast one other place in my life before i get old. I feel "trapped" since UPS is such a good job with the crap economy and been there almost five years. So i was thinking maybe i could transfer from oregon to hawaii. I have a 2 year degree so could complete my four year there. Or atleast "say" im going to then drop out after one term.

    Just wondering if anyone knows if this is possible. And what will i lose by transfering.
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    If you transfer under false pretenses you will lose your integrity. If enough employees do this, the company may stop this practice, which would hurt those who do intend to continue their education.
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    Check UPsers dot com for further information on Educational Transfers. UPS is wise to the scam of obtaining the transfer, then dropping out of school.

    If you transfer, you will be the bottom man on the seniority list and be making $8.50 as a New Hire. You will also be first to be laid off if layoffs become necessary.
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    You have to get accepted then enroll at a school before anything happen and there has to be an opening at the center you want to move to.
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    Think you're trapped in Oregon?? You'll get island fever in Hawaii !
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    If your not in school. And the new hub you wish to transfer to is hiring package handlers, are you able to transfer that way?
    Also if you can transfer even though you may lose seniority and pay, would you keep benefits?
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    i found this
    "UPS does do job transfers, but as an employee you may only request a transfer due to: spouse or domestic partner's job transfer; a pending or actual marriage; spouse or domestic partner's military obligation; child custody issues; educational; or family medical or health issues. All of these requests require documentation for proof and approval from the location you currently work in as well as where you are looking to transfer to. An approved transfer does not always equal an actual transfer...there has to be an available position for you in the new location. And a transfer request is NOT guaranteed. If you're going to be moving soon, I would suggest simply applying for a job with UPS when you move. It would probably be easier.
    UPS employee for 6 years with background in UPS Human Resources. I've also transferred twice myself-once for academic and again trailing my spouse."

    Does anyone know about the Health issues transfer ?
    what this would be about

    Say i would reapply at a new hub and get the job, i lose my pay ray, seniority, etc, but can i still keep my full benefits, i have serious medical issues.
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    I asked a similar question and was told pay and benefits remain the same but you would drop to the bottom of the seniority list within the new hub. You keep your company seniority. So if you ever plan on bidding for a F/T position in the new hub may be a long wait but your pay should not revert back to $8.50. Can a more tenured employee back this up?
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    I wouldn't even care about seniority, but with my health problems UPS is amazing by allowing me to only work 2-3 hours a night and get full benefits..... I dont care about anything else but keeping my benefits. You have to wait a full year to get benefits now at UPS

    I hear many different things I guess it depends on the situation and the hubs