Transfering to other states how hard is it?

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    Basically, i can go fulltime anytime and i will pass. Im an air driver right now and people with less senority then me have been going. So i figure if i do go fulltime i and wanted to move i should try to transfer asap after getting my driver senority. Because its just gonna drop back to the bottom when/if i transfer.

    So is it really hard to transfer or not that bad? Do u just sign up on a wait list and wait?
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    I went through this to move 100 miles. First there is no real transfer, you have to terminate your current center then reapply where you want to go. You might or might not get hired and if you do, getting into a driving slot could be a nightmare of a many year wait. I was lucky because the center manager wanted me there so they used their outside hire to get me right in that's probably the only reason I got the "transfer". From what I hear and know, this is a very rare circumstance and most end up waiting especially in larger centers.

    You start your pay all over again, you lose any seniority and lose your benefits for 90 days. This applies even if you just want to go to a satellite center that is part of your center. There may be some hardship transfer but again, you are not guaranteed to get right in to driving..

    I'm sure there are more knowledgeable people that can answer this but that was my experience. Hope it sheds some light on things for you.
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    There is a list of opportunities usually posted, I believe annually at each center. We have had 2 drivers transfer in, none transfer out. We had a satellite, and there was no loss of any kind, pay, benefits or seniority, for those who bid that route. You do lose your seniority, but keep your payrate and years of service for vacation accrual and pension. So, you still get whatever vacation you have earned, but must pick last, like a rookie until someone newer comes along.
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    Are you really saying, you are wastin' away in Margaritaville?
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    No I'm looking for my lost shaker of salt.
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    Is their a woman to blame?
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  7. Brownslave688

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    We need to know your location. Or state at least
  8. Xexys

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    The way it used to be was that you could only transfer in your local. As far as transferring out of your state like you ask, I'm not even sure if that's possible. I once asked if I could transfer to Maine from NJ and was told it wasn't possible. I would think you'd have to quit and try to get rehired if you were to transfer outside your local.
  9. margaritaville

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    I pretty much wanted to transfer northwest to way southeast like central florida. Because i like the sunnn. Even my username kind of reflects that. But i guess ill just have to stick to vacations. Because it sounds next to impossible unless i just quit and moved and tried to get a new job down there. Seems just as fast.
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  10. upschuck

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    If that could be done, there would be a line of people on the waiting list. I would like to be in Hawaii, but that is not going to happen either.
  11. Brownslave688

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    I could be wrong but I really don't think there would be a huge number of people transferring.
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    That's what some people claim.
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    I started this, and I know it's my own damn fault.
  14. I'm not sure you always lose seniority. We had a PTer transfer from a hub down south because he would get a driving spot faster and he kept his seniority. I know because he was ahead of me on the list for vacation even though he had been in our center for 6 months less.
  15. oldngray

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    If you are allowed to transfer which is fairly rare you should lose your building seniority for bids but retain your initial hire date for number of vacation weeks available and years of service towards retirement.
  16. 1989

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    Ak, hi, Id, wa, mt, nm, az, or, nv, ut, wy, and parts of ca. You can sign up every October for 2 buildings. I know of about a dozen people who have transferred and about 2 dozen who have turned it down. They happen more often than people think.
  17. AKupser

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    I know you can transfer within your district but not outside it. Example: you can't go from AK to Florida.
  18. 1989

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    You can go from ak to az two different districts. No matter how ups aligns their district, you can transfer between those states. I actually it was 13 states though.
  19. Jackburton

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    Do 25-30 years driving, then you can go wherever you want.
  20. 32F driver

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    I enquired about a transfer from Florida to New Mexico because there are 15 acres in the desert calling to me, (New Mexico Astronomy Village). I was told I could transfer to a center in the area if they had an opening, & the big one, I would lose all of my seniority. With 14 years in, ah- no thanks, I'm not starting over.