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    Are you able to transfer to another UPS (if one is moving) and still keep your seniority, pay rate, etc? I may be moving to another state and want to stay with UPS; i'm part time pack handler.. i would be most interested in keep my health benefits
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    You can move and possibly get referred by your current supe for immediate hire at a new location. Unfortunately you would lose all seniority. Afterall, how would you feel if some guy from Podunck moved into your area and jumped the seniority list in front of you after you invested all of your time.
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    Quit and rehire. Starting all over.
    Discuss this with your HR before you leave so they do not put you on the 'do not rehire' list when you leave.
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    We were told that unless it is for school purposes, you cannot transfer. However, it is possible to quit and rehire and keep your years for vacation and benefits only. You would start with 0 seniority as far as seniority list goes.
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    From the Contract . . .

    National Master United Parcel Service Agreement
    For the Period: December 19, 2007 through July 31, 2013
    Article 22 - Part-Time Employees
    Section 6. Part-Time Employee Transfer
    Part-time employees who wish to transfer to another location for educational purposes may submit a written request to the Employer. If approved, the transfer shall be allowed subject to the following conditions:
    A. A part-time opening exists at the desired location.
    B. Employees must have attained seniority and been employed by the Employer for at least one (1) year.
    C. Job Classification Seniority shall be end-tailed.
    D. Company seniority shall be retained for the purpose of number of weeks of vacation, and number of holidays in accordance with the applicable Supplement at the new location.
    E. Any expenses, including moving expenses associated with an approved transfer, shall be the responsibility of the employee.

    UPS Master Agreement & Regional Supplements:
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    I'm confused- Are you a pt loader or did you just sign a driving bid? If you are a driver, forget any chance of getting a driving bid at the center you transfer to. You will go back to PT.
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    Holy smokes!! We were actually given the correct info.