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  1. hey guys i am a 3 year ups pre loader and im not gona lie i love my job very much and want nothing more to work at ups the rest of my life,, my dream is to drive feeders! but i would like to know the TRUTH about transfering to another center so if anyone out there can help please let me know thanks guys!
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    I think it's great that you love ups. Since you love cruel punishment and you are the flying Dutchman does that mean you like dutch ovens?
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    I know of the desire to work at UPS. There are those people who are destined to be good UPS deliverymen and Feeder Drivers.

    So dont let the jocularity on this site get you down. Not everyone is cut out for the job.

    Transfers for hourly personel are handled differently than for management. And for the most part, are not allowed. There are exceptions, but few.

    So I guess the question is why do you want to transfer to another center. Why not stay where you are and grow?

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    Transfers are normally limited to post-secondary educational transfers.
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    Not going to happen unless your are enrolled in a approve school near the center you want to transfer. Your going to have a long wait to become a feeder driver it's around 20 years if not more in my area.
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    Around here its not that bad. About 10, of which 5-6 are in delivery.

  7. haha,, but now what is post-secondary educational transfers, could i enrol into a college and take one call for one sismester and that be all i would need?
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    don't even need to the class, show HR enrollment stuff, transfer.

  9. how does that work and not get into any trouble,, so you are saying another words pay for the class and not go??
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    Realize that once you transfer to another center you lose your hub seniority and will have to wait at least a year to bid on a f/t position. You will go to the bottom of the totem pole for vacation bids and be first if any layoffs as well. You will however keep all company seniority for weeks vacation, sick days, pension credits, health care etc.

    As far as enrolling, each center "may be " different. I know in my center an acceptance letter from the college is all that is needed but you would still have to attend at least one class. As far as attending for the following semesters, that I cannot answer but you may want to use caution if that is your plan. Also check if the destination center provides tuition reimbursement. Some hubs do not enroll in this program and I know this from personal research.

    Good luck!
  11. you are saying use caution what do you mean "caution" and anyways dont you have to be 25 for a f/t position , remember thats just one day what i would like to do, im not expecting that right off the bat i just want to get into a driving position asap but f/t is my goal..
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    Flying D

    A couple of things.

    You mention you were born to drive for UPS. A lot of drivers feel that way, although few have the balls to say so. It is a good job, provides security, and if you can last till retirement, allows you to live comfortably in retirement.

    Secondly, why the interest in transfer? What makes that center better than where you are? And is the loss of seniority worth the transfer.

    As far as feeders, I dont know what the min age is, but 25 sounds right. Much below that and the accident rate is much higher.

    But most feeders get into the job after they do package for a while. So do package as soon as possible until you turn 25. It will be a good experience for you, as it will give you a more rounded view of what UPS really does and is.

    One word of caution. The transfer method mentioned above gives me pause. You do realize that claiming to transfer because of school, then not going to class is dishonest? If you are willing to sacrifice your integrity that cheap, be forewarned. UPS would view that as dishonesty, and your career at UPS would be over.

    Think much before you take an "easy way" out of your problem.

    Best from someone that also was Born to be Brown, and not ashamed to admit it

  13. well thanks man, but i never said i was born for brown i got a job and was lucky to at ups my senior year of high school and have not worked anywhere else, and yes i do like and enjoy my job very much were im from driver helpers i think alot of hours so i somewhat have an idea for the job, and for transfering and school there was no doubt i was gona go to school i was going to do that no matter what ive just herd so many different things i want to have my facts straight,, this seems to be a touchy subject no matter who i ask even fellow (employees) i would just like to have a faster carreer in what i want/think i want to do, i also strongly beleve having to bide my time and work my way up from the bottow no matter were i go but, all im wanting is to just know the facts and answers to all the many questions about transfering and everything that would have to happen to correctly go about doing it...

    thanks guys,,
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    Caution meaning be careful if you intend on transferring and not attending school. I'm sure UPS can and will followup with your school if necessary.
  15. yea i would go to school no matter what, i wasnt planning on not going. but i would only go to one class of school for one semester since thats all i would need??
  16. any help out there i would really like to know about this 100% and not just for me but many other people....
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    Call your HR rep they can give you all the information on being a student and getting a transfer. Understand that the other building has to except you and first you need to be enrolled in classes. Also you loose all your seniority except for vacation time meaning that you might even have a longer wait to get a drivers job in the new building than the building that your in now.
  18. ok thank you guy.. thats what i will do then and if you would ever happen to find anything else out please let me know i really appreate all the help, from you and everyone else!