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  1. I'm currently a feeder driver in the Northwest. With that being said, I'm obviously a part of the Northwest region for the Teamsters supplement. When it comes to transferring to another building, we have 11 states to choose from including the one you are in.
    What I'd like to do is transfer to Texas which is NOT one of the 11 states on the transfer list. Does anybody know how this would be possible without quitting my job and getting rehired.

    I'm in the military as well (reserves). I'm wondering if that a normal transfer with UPS is not an option, can I transfer to a military base in Texas and UPS would be forced to transfer me?
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    Good question, I think the military transfer angle would be your only option if that even is one. Reserves don't get mandatory transferred and UPS would say that it was optional so they wouldn't accept that as a valid transfer reason. Only a guess though.
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    Since you're in the reserves I'm guessing that transferring to a base in Texas would involve you making the decision to move to Texas? If that were the case I'm guessing the answer is no but I could be wrong. Your best bet is to read up on your rights under USERRA, or talk to a military lawyer who specializes in USERRA cases.
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    Transferring in the reserves or guard would be an optional move and while it would be a factor for UPS to consider it would not seal the deal by any means.
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    If the Military is transferring you, I would think the Company would strongly consider the transfer.
    If this is the case, HR and the Union local where you are now and where you would be transferred to might work together to sort it out.
    If YOU are deciding to transfer on your own, that would be a different set of circumstances.
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    "Weekend warriors" do not get transferred. They do get called up to active duty, as needed, which the company would have no choice but to accomodate, but they do not get moved on a permanent basis.
  7. That's what I'm hoping for. I've been active duty for several years, then came to work for UPS for the last 8 years while being a guardsmen. I'm thinking that if I join the Texas National Guard, because I have my own address there so that's an option, that UPS would possibly consider a transfer because I have to live within 300 miles of my base.
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    Your decision to join the TANG is a personal one and while it would be nice if the company approved the transfer they are under no requirement to do so.