Transferring part timer question.

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    Is there any way to find out what hours a shift runs from at a different hub? I’m moving this summer to Boise, ID or Salt Lake City, UT to finish school. I would like to see what each hubs preload schedule is like to help make the decision.
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    I’d check UPS Jobs for the expected hours of availability for each location. Boise doesn’t have any openings. Salt Lake has 1 listed as 3:30-9:30 am. Both locations probably kept seasonals who haven’t quit yet.

    Only so many hours in the day that a preload can take up in any case.
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    I’d ask Pottsy or Joni first. If all else fails, get the Fonz to help.
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    Don't jump the shark.
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    Fonz is too busy, he's jumping a shark.
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    I have yet to see one part timer transfer successfully. They would rather hire someone of the streets than someone at a higher pay rate. It's just less paperwork for HR. Good luck.
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    If u get the educational transfer, you can go to any hub that has Openings, could take months to get approved though best to transfer around peak for your best shot
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    Who? These young Snowflakes dont know squat about the Fonz.
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    What's Fonzi like?
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    Kind of brown and fuzzy. Looks like a bear. Talks funny. Always wears a hat and scarf.
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    Two z's, no n. Wrong dude. Why you gotta leave me to do the work myself?
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    Whatcha' talkin' bout' Willis?..Kevin Arnold