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    hello so my husband curretn works for ups part time preloader. We have 2 young daughters and cannot afford for day care so we are looking to move to new location so we can afford for me to stay home with the kids. I've been talking with local hr and regional hr too. Is educational transfer our only option??? Someone once suggested today just applying for the new city/state we want to move and give 2 weeks notice at current hub. Will this affect our benefits? Do they allow this?? Any info helps
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    Your husband works for UPS...why are you talking to HR??
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  3. Brownguy1224

    Brownguy1224 New Member

    He works full time job in addition. I'm trying to get all the information together to see if moving is even a posisbility. he doesn't have enough patience to sit there and make 15 calls to get the right answers
  4. Nevermore1

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    Don't hold me to this but my husband asked about this once. He was told that he had to put in his two week notice then apply at the center he wanted to work at after those 2 weeeks were up. He could not be a current employee and apply at the new center at the same time. I'm not 100% sure how accurate that is (you seem to get a different eesponse depending on who you ask and what day of the week it is) but I do know that you have to apply at the new center and you are treated pretty much as a new hire, your seniority doesn't go with you. My husband was required to transfer to a different hub and has had to work his way back up the list for seniority (he went from delivery to feeders).

    Your husband may want to log into the UPS site and email HR to see what they say. I suspect they'll probably refer him to his Center Supe.
  5. Brownslave688

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    Or he may just want to sit down and talk to his center manager and HR face to face.

    Not to bash on you but your husband taking the initiative to do what needs to be done is going to look much better than you doing it.

    IF I was HR i would be saying this guy can't even handle asking for a transfer himself. Why should we help him?
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    Not that I should chime in because everyone knows how I feel about wives speaking for their husbands but I will throw you a bone on this. If you want to transfer without educational transfer, your husband will have to terminate his current assignment and re-apply wherever else. He will lose his seniority and his benefits and will be just like a new employee, starting out fresh. I transferred from one city to another and that's what I had to do.
  7. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    The only way to transfer if your not located in area covered under the western supplement is to due an educational transfer. Other than that your husband would have to quit give his two weeks notice and hope that he isn't put on a no rehire list. Then he would have to go to and apply for an opening in the area you want to move to if there are any openings. You need to remember that just because he has worked at UPS before it wouldn't mean he would even get the job if he was able to apply.

    If he got lucky and got in he would be starting all over he basically be a new employee.
  8. 9.5er

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    Why can't he simply use the educational transfer and sign up for a few classes to pacify UPS at the local Community College.
  9. Nevermore1

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    I don't think a CC would qualify since they are just about everywhere and have open enrollment. They would just tell him to attend the local CC. I would think it would have to be a 4 year college/university that does not have open enrollment.
  10. scooby0048

    scooby0048 This page left intentionally blank

    It can be a community /junior college.
  11. 9.5er

    9.5er Well-Known Member

    Years ago I had a coworker transfer to Fl. by signing up for classes at a community college.
  12. silenze

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    Sign up for basket weaving and transfer
  13. Wally

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    Our woman do the grunt work for us.
  14. scooby0048

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    After all that, the OP is MIA...story of our Brown Cafe lives...
  15. rod

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    probably went to make her hubby a sandwich.
  16. jerseyupser

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    Full Time or Part Time? From where to where?
  17. 9.5er

    9.5er Well-Known Member

    Part time. He transferred to Florida.
  18. FilingBluesFL

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    Wherever you're moving to, I hope they have better schools than the one you went to....
  19. clean hairy

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    Or he has a cold and she is making an appointment to take him to the Dr.
  20. jerseyupser

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    Really wow... Never heard of a transfer. Full timers able to do that?