Transfers for PTers?

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    Hi all!

    I am currently a lowly PT preloader :tongue_sm in the northeast. Have been for going on six months now. My family has plans to move to sunny FLA in possibly a year or so, most of my wife's family is already there... Here are my questions...

    I've heard rumors that there are 2 ways to get a transfer... one is an education transfer, i.e.- if you get accepted to a college you may be transfered to a hub/center near that school if there is an opening. I believe I read it in the master contract, so I don't doubt that one. The second way to get a transfer is if your spouse gets a job out of town/state and you need to relocate. I heard UPS will allow a transfer in that case. Can anybody confirm that? The second way is the one I need to happen.

    While I'm at it, can anybody tell me about UPS life in central FLA? We are looking in the Davenport area. If I am not driving up here yet, how long is the wait down there? Should I just jump on the first route that I can, no matter how crappy, just so I get my driver seniority before we move?

    Any and all info you can provide would me great.

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    Are you sure you want to move to Davenport??? The reason I ask is that you will be 20 miles from three UPS facilities.. Lakeland, Lake Wales and Orlando...

    After a year you can be a cover driver/air driver/early AM/Saturday... etc... and then wait for an opening...

    Lakeland is growing - new routes pop up so you can move along but it is based on senority...

    When you transfer YOU LOOSE SENIORITY to bid for jobs... You keep seniority for Vacations and Pay only...

    I was told Transfers based on marriage is for management only... Educational transfers are for hourlies...
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    I recently posted this in another thread, but I think I'll bring it up here as well. Is it possible to transfer from Texas to an international hub/center using the educational avenue. I've been accepted to the University of Freiburg. How does this work?
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    I dont know how the intl transfer would work, id have to say consult with you hr about it.

    As for the pt when you tfered (youd have to be pt to t'fer unless youre supplement says otherwise) and Im not 100% about the trailing spouse thing i think it is just for pt management.
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    No, I've heard of full-time management that wanted to follow their spouse, so they asked for a transfer. One got it, the other was a 15 year employee and was denied. He jumped ship. The last I heard--third hand--was that he was working as a manager for a company that paid a little more than UPS did, saw his wife and kids every night and was thinking about starting a law degree. -Rocky
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    Unless your going to school im Florida your out of luck. If your moving to florida and still want to work for UPS your going to have to resign and apply all over again and start at the bottom.

    I beleive the job thing is if your wife job got relocated to a different place. Say the company she was working for closed there current location and consolidated there business to another area. She can't have found a new job somewhere else.
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    If you aren't planning on going to school then your are out of luck. There is nothing in the contract that I have seen that says anything about trailing spouse. You might be better off quitting since your less than a year in so you wouldn't loose much. If you do go to school however, then you go to the nearest university or CC and take the test to enter college and get a letter of acceptance and put in for your transfer. It really is a pain in the butt. I would seriously consider quitting, moving, and then getting rehired. I did the transfer thing, but I was 6 years in so it was worthwhile for me to do the educational transfer. Good luck.
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    Just quit and re-apply at UPS. You don't have that much seniority
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This is the best advice that I have seen in this thread. You only have 6 months in so you won't be losing all that much. Leave on good terms as this will help you get rehired.
  10. Mr Shifter

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    Food for thought but if you six months in your on the 02-08 contract and your pay and bennies will be better then if your on the 08-13 contract...

    I'd take the Community College/acceptance letter w/transfer route if you need the benefits, and higher payscale.