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    anyone know whats going on in trenton nj. I'm hearing rumors of a mini revolt in the feeder department?
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    are you suggesting the "union goons" (your words) and the "dumplings" (not your words) finally got tired of the crap and are doing something about it?
    I thought we weren't that smart. (not your words)
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    Not to worry, Revolting is part of being in the Feeder Department.:peaceful:

    Couldn't resist....:funny:
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    Tie, I thought you told me one time in the Chat Room that you work in a different city......:wink2:
  5. Its very sad what's going on in Edision(0899) right now, let me put some light on the big picture. To help you all understand i will try to recap a little.We get a new District Manager,then he makes his moves with his people so now we have a a new Manager and a few new supervisors. One of the new supervisors is sent down to TRENJ to inform the drivers that they have to take this(teir 3 safty test?) and we have to pass it or else. Well it so happens that very same nite there are a few of our business agents down there as well, as fate would have it a few choice words are exchanged and walla!!!. New supervisor is in a pickle so he calls the new manager for advise and new manager is overheard telling new supervisor (GO AHEAD TELL THEM TO GET OFF OUR PROPERTY AND CALL THE COPS ,THIS WILL FINALY TEACH THEM A LESSEN).
    So new supervisor call Trenton's Finest and they show up, they do there investagation and determine that it is a company/labor issue and not a police issue and tell all involved to settle it by themselfs and leave. Now a few days later we have a termination hearing for the driver that was walked off property that previous monday for stopping and not hitting the break code in the ivis like he shoul of, all the heavy hitters are down there from both sides. Hearing happens ,driver is fired, afterwood union reps walked outside, new District manager walks outside, WORDS are EXCHANGE--Walla!!! New District Manager tells union REPS TO GET OFF HIS PROPERTY. He then call's the police on our UNION LEADERS, Well to our Unions Credit, Locall #177 they stayed a second time and waited for the Trenton's Finest to show up. Police show up and take down all parties information and tell UPS again thats this is a Company/Labor issue and not a police this time the union decides to leave and head back up to Edison(0899).
    I have worked for ups a long time and I never ever heard of Manager trying to throw the union off Property. This is going to get very nasty before its over, I WISH WE COULD JUST ALL BE GOOD MEN AND WOMEN AND DO THE RIGHT THING AND GET OVER THIS BUT I DO NOT THINK THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. One of our founding fathers once said ( TALK ABOUT TOPICS NOT PEOPLE AND YOU WILL NEVER GET IN TROUBLE THAT WAY). John Adams
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    Maybe he missed the classes on people skills?:happy-very:

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    "What we have here is a failure to communicate"
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    Maybe he doesn't care about "people skills".
    It appears all he cares about is his ego.
    If this situation has made it to the internet and this website then you can bet the Ivory Towers know about it and what do they do?

    Mutliple Choice:

    A) they ignore it
    B) they condone it
    C) they act like they don't know anything about it ("this is the first I've heard of it")
    D) they are celebrating at the Ivory Towers
    E) they ponder whether this out of control DM should be drug tested
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    Throwing agents and executive officers off property is common all across this country. Calling the police afterwards is a joke that is always on the company.

    The police are also UNION members, are rarely take action against any UNION member/employer dispute where the company calls.

    The problem starts when the company fails to promote people with actual skill. Nothing but blowhard trouble makers pushing paper.

    Here, for example, our former center manager tried a similiar thing. He stated to us during a PCM that if any driver failed the 10 point commentary, they would be sent home and could not drive.

    We, collectively, told him this is not 4th grade, and taking tests was not a part of our colelctive bargaining agreement.

    He tried to get sassy and actually sent 3 young utility drivers home. We grieved them, and the company had to pay the drivers for the missed day because THEY HAVE A 40 HOUR GUARANTEE.

    There are no exclusions for tests...

    If the company continues to promote the most unqualified, then issues like these will continue to occur. It wont be until a local gives them a 72 hour notice and strikes the company at a few hubs and it costs the company 10's of millions of dollars in revenue before they will ever see the mistakes they make.

    UPS continues to promote those who wear the thickest knee pads and swabs the smoothest BS in all of its districts.

    In our case, thankfully, he has been transferred to a hell hole in another part of our district. In the end, it costs money and bent feelings to have a manager removed but it will be done.

    Good luck in trenton.

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    I would like to see this. I really would. It might put a little "ooomph" into what the union says.
    As of now the union's only choice, when the company gets through with them, is to go to the store and buy some feminine hygiene products.
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    Its a waste of time and resources to call the police for this. That supervisor should be cited for such a waste. Those cops are needed for real issues. Not for a way to get union reps off UPS property. It's about as ill advised as a couple of punks prank calling 911 over and over and causing cops and/or EMS to have to be dispatched to a house where there isn't an emergency. Meanwhile....a real emergency is slow to get dealt with because the needed help is dealing with someone that doesn't need it.
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    This is truly a sad thread.I hate to hear about all the unrest over 10 pt commentary.Somethine that was put together by the company about 3 yrs. ago.I dont see how memorizing these methods has improved safty..We still have bad traffic,we still have bad drivers(not ups) out there...and we are human..we will have accidents and injuries as long as we have a heartbeat...Big Brown has Big internal problems...
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    wildcats strikes tend to cost the union quite a bit of money in fines.
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    So what do you suggest we do?

    The company continues to violate the very contract that they and the union mutually agreed upon.
    The company continues to take a flippant and capricious attitude towards the agreed upon articles because they (company) know they can draw out the grievance process.
    The company continues to lie, change their story and veneer their actions under the pretense of "......running the operation".
    The company continues their actions knowing the chances of a grievance being lost at panel or deadlock is "....the throw of the dice". (been there, seen it.)

    So, once again, what do you suggest we do?
    It appears the honesty, integrity, honor, respect and doing "the right thing", the company so extols is nothing more than a smoke screen.
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    A little off topic, but we were also warned that everyone MUST knowall the safety questions. But during a recent internal audit my sup, sat around the corner from the property entrance and helped some drivers punch out off site so they never saw the auditers! Hey...we passed.
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    We are still waiting on your answer.
    Don't spin it.
    Don't tap dance around it.
    Don't go off on a tangent.
    Don't answer a question with a question.

    Simply give us a straight answer. Can you do that?
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    So did the drivers leave their package cars in the employee parking lot, get into their personal vehicles and drive home? I bet that didn't attract any attention.
  18. wow talk about skewing the results. Thats probably why I had to answer those DOK questions about 3 times every audit at my building when I was a loader (they knew I had them memorized).
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    Trick please list the "we" you have been chosen to speak for so I can make sure I don't miss anyone.