Triple-Time Option Day

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    In Local 177. We have 2 option days. One is a regular 9 hour option day the other is referred to as a Triple-Time Day. I've never been exactly sure how this day works and I think I wasted it in the past by not knowing exactly how you get paid based on this day. Does anyone know exactly how this day works and how best to use it to get the most out of it. Thanks!
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    We get a paid holiday for Thanksgiving and another paid day for the Friday after. So if we worked Black Friday it is double-time for that day plus straight holiday pay. That is the only day of the year that would be "triple-time" where I am at. A driver can work a little overtime and gross a thousand bucks in one day.
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    It was my understanding that you guys lost BF as a paid holiday in the new contract.
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  9. scratch

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    Black Friday is still a paid holiday under Article 60 in the Southern Supplemental.
  10. upschuck

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    Welcome stranger.
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    He's in a different supplement, and vaguely remember some got that in lieu of day after Thanksgiving being a holiday.
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    Here in central, they pay out if not used by May 1st. You don't lose it.
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    And that is usually the week we start working on Saturdays here so that is a big check for that week.
  14. JustDeliverIt

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    All of the Upstate NY lost BF holiday pay except for local 449.
  15. Indecisi0n

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    What's not to know ? It's a double pay day off. If you use it on a worked day than the pay is : double pay day + time worked = lots of money to buy :censored2: you don't need .
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    You're wasting your breath. Look under the title of the post next to "thread discussion started by..." This has been addressed with moderators to no avail.
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    here in the 804 we not only kept BF as a workable double time + holiday pay day, it is also strictly voluntary. we used to have to same deal for election day but contact before last we traded that for an extra OPH called an "anniversary day" on the time off viewer, that you can basically choose any day of the year for with the option of working it for 8 double time hours attached to that days regular hours so basically a triple time day for 8 hours. in our building you need to let your on car or manager know that you request so and so day to be your triple time day and they submit it on there computer. the OMS doesn't have access to that. nice $800 day to take the week before a vacation for extra spending money or around your bday to get something pricey for yourself that you'd normally not buy
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    Two ways you can use it. As just a regular day off, 8 hours pay. Or you can use it on a day you work. You get 8 straight hours. And then you get double time for all hours worked. Sometimes mgmt is OK with you telling them you want to use the day when you get back at the end of the night, that way you can really maximize the day. Or sometimes they make you tell them in the morning. Either way you just tell them you are using your triple time day today.
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    I'd rather have the day off.
  20. We don't get double time bit we get time and a half for the day, same for New year's Eve . I usually work New year's Eve and ask for a dead day on the second.