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    As UPSer's we have and use many terms relevant to UPS and our employment and, due to many dept's if we see a term new to us we ask. TROLLS on the other hand think they know everything but always have a way of exposing themselves. I think I found one posing as a UPSer. Have you ever noticed in the Fedex Forum they refer to their centers or hubs as stations! If I'm wrong I apologize but, I do Believe MUNGRIN is a TROLL! In the Thread TRUE STORY refer to post #14 by Mungrin..."um this is nothing new at my station". In the thread Illegal anti-union meetings in the Fedex forums refer to post #114 by Mungrin..."Does UPS offer severance or do they just lay off?" Wouldn't a driver with 6 yrs in (as stated by him) drive out of a center! Wouldn't that same driver know the layoff procedure and what is this about severance!
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    Trolls??? In Brown Cafe????

    Say it ain't so!!!!

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    Nice job Columbo ... H'mmm, that is interesting.

    Seems plausible but not that uncommon either I imagine.

    NOW, the real question is, "Who is mungrin and is he/she a member already here?
    And if it is a duplicate poster is it an old-timer or a new poster?

    Who is your best candidate?

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    Agreed! Also read post #108 in the Illegal ant-union meetings thread.
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    Everyone please do NOT feed the trolls.
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    There have always been some trolls around. I always thought it was pathetic for some people to pretend to be something they are not. It must be some kind of mental disorder. My experience has been that they aren't too bright, they trip up and give themselves away all the time.
  7. Just Numbers

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    I might go with Fedex 4 Life. When researching the members list they both joined within a 48hr period.
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    Come on now, we shouldn't pick on poor mungrin. His "station" is behind the times, he still has the old UPS logo on the side of his package car in his avatar picture......
  9. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler is what it is, Hoax?
  10. pickup

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    Mungrin, say it aint so!:sad-very:
  11. Monkey Butt

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    Usually so. :wink2:
  12. pickup

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    your trolldar is working spectacularly
  13. pickup

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    No hoaxster, it is always what it is, it is our perceptions and biases that see it as something other than what it is. A tree falls in the forest, whether anyone hears it or not.

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  15. UnsurePost

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    It isn't what it isn't?
  16. Monkey Butt

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    Yeah but if that tree falls in the forest and my wife doesn't hear it, is it still my fault?
  17. pickup

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    yes it is always your fault. And just because your wife doesn't hear it doesn't mean she won't hear about it eventually.
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    I like having the "TROLLS" in the BC its fun. They come on here and try to compare their day to day routine with our day to day routine. I mean "our" routine as you guys the drivers. I have yet to meet or see a fedex mechanic especially on here. They start arguments and always lose and look stupid in the long run. I just figure they come on here to see what a real package delivery company does day to day. You know guys with 250 plus stops compared to 50-85 like the guy who does my neighborhood and complains everytime I see him. A few weeks back I was working on my race car in the driveway I was rotating my rear slicks and here comes the fedex guy driving up to the front of my house with a flat on the front passenger tire. He comes up and asks if I can air up his tire so he could make the day. No problem I air him up 3 hours later he comes knocking on my door here I thought he had something for me, no he wanted more air. I told him no I was going out. Don't you know he had the balls to ask me to leave my air hose out so he could air up the tire during the rest of his day!! I told him no way!! Then he says "come on we both work for the same kind of company" I said no we don't my drivers would have stopped at a garage and had it fixed for free or they would call the shop to have the tire replaced!!! Man he :censored2: me off!!! So I say thumbs up to the "TROLLS" we need them for entertianment purposes. Look at them this way. Everybody has had spiders or flies in there house at one point, well this is our house and the "TROLLS" are the spiders and flies that aggervate us. They just need to be swatted. Its just a part of life!!!!
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    If and when there are trolls, they may be good luck trolls. We can hope. If they behave let them on, maybe here they can get some info they cannot get on a conference call.
  20. jds4lunch

    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    And don't think that she won't tell your mother-in-law about how much of an insensitive bastard you are for not standing the tree back up.